Fully Adjustable Winch Stand (To cater for larger vessels) including a Heavy Duty Jarret 5:1 Ratio Manual Winch and Nylon Winch Strap to make Light Work of recovering your boat onto your Trailer when needed - Plus a Fully Adjustable Jockey Wheel to make manouvering your Trailer a Breeze. Tyres and Rims: Running on 13" x 5" Aluminum Rims with 165 RBG Radial Light Truck Tyres and comes complete with a Spare Wheel in case of emergencies. Comments: Previously used to Trailer a 6m Sea Farer Victory - Popular Size and Model of Trailer this will sell Fast - So Call to register your Interest now.

Disclaimer: Buy Direct Marine International offers all details of this Boat Trailer in good faith as furnished by the owner but cannot GUARANTEE nor WARRANT the accuracy of this information nor the condition of the Trailer, inventory inclusions are subject to change or deletion without notice prior to sale. We recommend that purchasers employ an independent mechanic to determine the fitness and suitability for the Trailers intended usage. Inspection: If you would like to undertake an inspection of this Trailer please contact us and we will arrange a convenient time for you to do so.

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