Lake Powell and the surrounding area are full of evidence that a vibrant, powerful Native American people once dominated the area. A favorite activity in the area is hiking, and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area offers guided tours of the surrounding sights. The best way to experience these sights is to […] What Our Customers Are SayingWe had been looking at the Sunrise Peak website and loved how many details we could get online.
Finally it was time to act and we couldn't have been happier with the help and knowledge they provided from the beginning to the end of our initial purchase.
We were new houseboaters, so we had a lot of questions, not just about the boat, but about how Lake Powell, and specifically, how Antelope Point worked. Travis and Maureen KirklandIn the years I have worked with Fred and Chris, they have been extremely responsive and helpful.
We are in our third boat with them and each time I say that it can’t get better and they manage to exceed my expectations in the next boat!!! It is by far the families favorite vacation year after year!!!Tab Bingham, Summer Solstice HouseboatAs a first time buyer of a shared ownership houseboat, I had a LOT of questions and concerns.

I found Sunrise Peak to be extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of shared ownership in addition to their intimate knowledge of boat and systems within. They were happy to take as much time as necessary to make sure I was completely comfortable with my decision.
They were able to manage some issues for us that probably wouldn't have been resolved otherwise.
Todd Nilson, Red Rocks HouseboatI had a lot of questions before I bought and Sunrise Peak spent the time with me, going through and answering my questions. Kim Nilson, Red Rocks Houseboat With shared ownership, you use the boat the same time every year.

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