We can design, loft, and build wooden hulls, from small pulling boats and dinghies to ocean going craft. A major part of our work is fine wood-crafted interiors for all sorts of boats, from live-aboard steel trawlers to sailing yachts. Pia (left) and Freedom (right) are two classic motorsailers currently being rebuilt in our shop.
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Are the most fecund builders and restorers of the sterling variety of river and lake workmanship in timber Indiana the UK. The design of the boat is similar to the model displayed in the Moenjodaro museum dating back to 3000 BC.
In fact I too had led India's first indus expedition in Ladakh and visited this very year Hingol(Pakistan).
At Harris Wooden Boats we draw upon a wide pool of highly skilled craftspeople with type A jointure passion for wooden boats traditionally built.

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Traditional working vessels and definitive yachts are transformed to their quondam beauty as artworks and.

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