Tri axle tinker fully rebuilt, new stub axles and disc brakes, brake away system, new springs, wobbly rollers, winch, LED lights, fully galvanized and painted in 2pac paint, 7 GT Ford wheels 7 new light truck tyres. New Yacht Club A29120TRB3 27 to 30 ft, carrying for 12000 lbs, all wheel 12 in surge operated disc brakes, adjustable centering bunks,aluminum wheels with 15 in radial tires.
Thanks guys for the adjustments to the trailer, it handled like a dream all the way to Brisbane, and again a huge thanks for doing it so quickly.
Jaclyn is the co-founder of Bold Trailers, breaking the stereotypes of women in the automotive repair industry.  Jaclyn is also an accredited Child Restraint Fitter with RMS (RTA).

Rory brings an energetic and thorough approach to motor vehicle and trailer maintenance and repairs. Licensed Motor Mechanic, Licensed Auto Electrician, Automotive Body Builder, AUVIS Inspector. He is a licensed Auto Electrician, a licensed Motor Mechanic and an Automotive Bodybuilder. Rory ensures your trailer or caravan is maintained in peak condition so that you can travel with peace of mind while enjoying the outdoor lifestyle you deserve.

Christian combines his professional training along with his experience to provide you with the very best in trailer servicing, repairs and customisations. Boat Trailers - For Sale Ads - Buy and Sell - New and Used - Boat Trailers - Free Classifieds.

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