Mantua Models Anteo Tug Boat Kit - available from Hobbies, the UK's favourite online hobby store! This radio controlled model is a replica of an Italian steam tug boat large numbers of which were built prior to the last war, many of which are still in service in the main Italian ports. A railroad tug from the 1960s, the Jersey City can still be seen working on the eastern seaboard. If there are any questions about the contents of a particular kit, please contact BlueJacket. There are a number of reasons why this charming little ship has captured the hearts of so many modelers.

This is where the harbour tug boatcome into their own, take over command and tow these gigantic ships safely alongside the quay. The quality materials, such as the bass wood planking, and stainless steel rails lead to an excellent building result. These small, robust but very manoeuverable boats have very powerful engines developing from 250 to thousands of horsepower. 80% of the final shape), laser cut wood for items such as the deck house, etched brass and custom cast Britannia metal fittings.
Basically, everybody loves tug boats, and the Victory Tug with all of her natural wood and scruffy good looks is an exceptional find.

The bridge is designed as a high superstructure to give them a good panoramic view, that will enable them to do their job properly and guarantee a safe passage through the confined space of the harbour. The Dumas model of the Victory Tug provides all the high quality materials necessary to complete the kit for a static model. The bow, stern and side walls are usually reinforced and equipped with additional protective matting.

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