For sale 1998 Johnson Ocean Pro 175 hp with electric tilt and trim, being sold with control box, steering, 2 props and shift cables.
As you can see by the pictures below the motor is salt free and VERY CLEAN, no corrosion, light use. Maybe somebody will waste your time commenting on your boat for sale with no intentions of buying it. Did you notice that there no rust or corrosion on any other part of the motor outside of the spark plug shell? Thank you very much, that is my true intentions, just another resident expert for the hull truth. For the record I would have more trust in one of those motors to get me home than some of the new ones.
As kids my dad had a Johnson 175, that thing was bullet proof till someone stole it off the back of the boat and smashed it in to a million pieces. If someone ponyies up on the purchase of this it would make me move a little quicker to get the boat in front on this one up on a trailer and out of the way so I can get it closer to water. In the next week I plan on getting the trailer for the other boat that is in front of this one and get it moved.
2015 Mako 19 CPX Atlantic City NJ Bay boats mako boats 19 cpx atlantic city, njYear: 2015 Bay boats mako boats 19 cpx atlantic city, nj bay boats 18 ft.
1999 Marada 18 Russels Point OH This 18 foot Marada is in amazing condition, both glass and vinyl.

1998 Marada by CM Holdings MX3 Weekender 21 Boulder City NV Actual Location: Boulder City, NV - Stock #085450 - Excellent condition!! 1998 Marada by CM Holdings 2486 CRZ Hilliard OH Actual Location: Hilliard, OH - Stock #065485 - LOW, FRESH WATER HOURS ON 2008 JASPER 305 ENGINE!!
Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.
Looks to me like the seller is being honest and showing the real condition of the motor, not just dressing it up for the pictures. Do you realize that when you put a socket wrench on that shell it scraps the coating away just a tad, to allow the salt air not water to rust the now exposed metal???? Dude thought my dad had special permission to keep his boat in a state slip where everyone else was required to vacate. I need to move it out of the back yard and in to the driveway near water in the near future and have my mechanic come compression test it for the season.
I don't like running motors with long length of water hoses , by the time it gets to the engine it loses pressure and can cause damage to the motor. There is still oil in it and I need to remove the old oil as I do not trust it and put new fresh oil in it for start up.
I would welcome any constructive criticism if it would help me sell my boat, and I also got it btt. I have owned the same engine but it may have been a bit older and as I stated they are bullet proof!

THANKS FOR LOOKINGGlastron MX175 The MX 175 bowrider is made with VEC technology, the world's most advanced boat building process. And as you can see, it comes with a long list of impressive features--including a lifetime limited structural warranty. The rigging equipment I can not state the condition as the boat hasnt been in the water for a while it should be fine but again till disambled its tough to tell.
No other boat offers a design like this, technology like this or a warranty like this at a price like this.
With the Volvo Penta 3.0 GL (WOPS) engine and trailer, it is flat-out the best boating value on the market. If you’re looking for an affordable family runabout, you owe it to yourself to check out the MX 175Glastron MX175 The MX 175 bowrider is made with VEC technology, the world's most advanced boat building process.

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