I am a former crew member of frying pan shoals lightship, and I served aboard her while she was the relief lightship stationed at Cape May, NJ. Lightship Ambrose: Original article and photo from Sept 17, 1935 after her collision with the liner Santa Barbara.
Liner Pilot Explains: William Mitchell, pilot on the Santa Barbara, was sharply questioned by Capt. Second, however, waters around Frying Pan Shoals are rather shallow for submarine operations. Lightships were used throughout the worlds seas and waterways from late 1700 to the mid-1900s. 1860-1863: station vacant although in 1860 the LV-8 was assigned to Frying Pan but prior to being placed on station, was seized and sunk in Cape Fear River by Confederate forces (she was later raised, repaired and towed north by tender Iris in 1866). Reef Ball Foundation Photo Gallery » Geographical Database for photos, videos, GPS Coordinates, news, and project descriptions.
Wilmington, NC The Inaugural Fish For Tomorrow Flounder Tournament was a great boost for the Southern Flounder Hatchery and the Artificial Reef Program of the Coastal Environmental Enhancement & Development organization (Fish For Tomorrow).
This first-of-its-kind tournament was the brainchild Fish For Tomorrow founder Tim Barefoot.
The tournament prize money for this event was entirely donated by a group of concerned individuals and businesses. In addition, all of the entry fees paid by the participants will be used to purchase artificial reefs known as reef balls.
After the tournament, Jim Franscisconi from the DMF Artificial Reef Division met with Fish For Tomorrow officers, Got-Em-On Live Bait Club officers and Carolina Beach Mayor Bill Clark to plan the number of and location of the reef balls in the yacht basin.
Shannon Idol took 3rd place and promptly donated his $658 check back to Fish For Tomorrow for purchasing more reef balls. Taylor Barefoot caught and weighed-in the first official fish of the tournament after angling near the weigh-in site at the Dockside Marina.
The Frying Pan Lightship was built during the Great Depression 1929 & 1930 in Charleston (SC) Drydock Machine Shop. During the day if you were not on watch, you were expected to perform some amount of day work also.
I was on the bridge with the Executive officer, Boatswain Mate Chief Eugene Pond (now Deceased). If you need other historical names dates and such I’ve kept a file on her but I think you just wanted to hear about life on board, I would sum it up to say it ranged from sheer loneliness and boredom, to all the excitement you could stand. The vessels collided in the Narrows on the Bay Ridge side of Quarantine Tuesday morning but escaped with slight damage. I heard … that during World War II the light ship at Frying Pan Shoals was in the habit of radioing to the Navy every time they saw a German U-boat in the area. First, the lightship, LV-115 (WAL-537), was pulled off Frying Pan Shoals from 1942 to 1945.

It’s doubtful a U-boat captain would have exposed his vessel where he couldn’t execute a quick, deep dive in the event of an attack.
One hears tales of dead German sailors (or live German prisoners) found with tickets to Wilmington’s Bailey Theater (or Southport’s Amuzu theater) in their pockets. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. I love this boat and it is killing me to have to sell it but I am moving off the water, so its gotta go. Motor warranty has 2 more years (2014) Someone is going to get a great deal, very unique boat. These reefs will be placed in the well-protected Carolina Beach Yacht Basin under the direction of Department of Marine Fisheries (DMF) officials.
Fish For Tomorrow Board Member Mike Ward said, a€?We are happy to work with DMF in any way possible to create spawning and growth habitat for the flounder that migrate in and out of North Carolina inlets.a€? These structures are the first wave of artificial reef materials that will be purchased thru the proceeds of the tournament and other efforts. They plan to focus on placing artificial reefs within 1-3 miles of the inlet, and to improve and enhance the structure inside the inlets. All others, this included me, spent 28 days on and 14 off except the 14 off was reduced by the logistics trip by the Sea-going tug Chilula.
We were watching the anemometer (wind measuring device when at 100 mph, the needle went to zero.
Lange, commander of the Lightship Ambrose deliberately swung his vessel around to hit the Ocean Liner Santa Barbara head-on in order to save his ship from being cut in two, he testified before the Inquiry Board of the U.S.
Navy captain, whose books “A Sentimental Journey” and “The Journey Continues” chronicle events of World War II in Southeastern North Carolina.
Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, the only documented interaction between a Coast Guard lightship and a German U-boat came during the First World War, when the LV-71 was torpedoed and sunk on Aug. The implication was that U-boat crews were landing and departing at will and roaming unseen among the population. One that would raise public awareness for the hatchery process and allow us to get eggs from females [and milt from males] for next yeara€™s fingerlings.a€? Barefoot expects to be able to provide the state with young flounder that will to be released into the wild in about 12 months. Several dozen keeper-sized flounder we caught and they are now living comfortably in a temporary quarantine tank at UNC Wilmington's hatchery facility in Wrightsville Beach. The placing of artificial reefs is a united effort between Fish For Tomorrow, the general public, fishing clubs, businesses, and DMF. Fish For Tomorrow is placing the reefs in areas that anglers and families with even the smallest of boats will have safe access to.
She was at the Charleston Navy yard and we were to take her out to Frying Pan Shoals, her duty station. This trip was usually 2-4 days so in reality we were at sea 30 days or maybe 32 and off 10 or 12 days. During foggy days it was necessary to run the “diaphones” not only to keep ships off of “Frying Pan” Shoals but also to keep merchant ships from plowing straight into us.

The first few days of the 2 week tour, just after the tug brought us a new crew, water, fuel, groceries, mail and about 10 old (even then) movies.
The captain told the light ship’s skipper that if he radioed again, the U-boat would sink him.
Theoretically, such a close encounter could still have happened, sometime after Pearl Harbor in 1941 or very early in 1942. 6, 1918 — and that was off Diamond Shoals, near Cape Hatteras — not off Frying Pan Shoals, and not during World War II. The near-shore locations will provide families with slightly larger boats additional fishing grounds. Since I was assigned to the engine room I never even thought about the noise from the one diesel generator we had to run under normal circumstances. Understand that they set their automatic pilot to home in on our signal: if someone on watch on the other ship failed to change over to manual steering we would be goners. I’m a licensed charter boat captain but don’t really take parties out, only pleasure fish with friends and neighbors. This boat has been fished in many places in Florida, from Boca Grande to the backcountry of the Everglades.
Woolrich estimates that upwards of 2 million eggs will be extracted from the flounder that were turned in. If we had to lift the anchor to get back on station we would of course have to run one or more of our four main engines: GM 6-71 diesel electric units. We would also enjoy the fresh taste of bread, milk and vegetables, at the end of the 2 weeks it all got pretty old. We had good food, we got good movies to watch, and we would spend 14 days on board and 7 days off while we were at sea. Also, if we had to run other auxiliary equipment such as the evaporator to make fresh water or the boiler during winter. At night in your rack you would sit straight up the 10 seconds it blew and sleep for the next 50 seconds.
It was our only means of not getting thrown around, we all had our life jackets on and we were literally scared to death. Some we ate and some we gave the party boats; in return they would take our stamped mail ashore and mail it.
Mid watch standers got to sleep in each day, while everyone else had to turn to ships work. If I can ever be of any assistance with stories about this ship, or of my time on board please let me know.

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