We are able to build and to supply custom made pontoons for commercial and industrial applications.
Passengers will enjoy the close experience of marine wildlife atop of a custom built vessel.
We're sorry, but the page you have requested has either been moved or is no longer available. Forget the lower standard pontoon boats, our USCG Inspected passenger vessels are inspected as high speed catamarans. With  custom commercial catamarans from Sightseer Marine LLC you will be able to meet and exceed their expectations while boosting your profit.These models are saltwater aluminum catamarans.

Our custom crafts are safe enough to perform in protected waters but also go beyond the waters of lakes, rivers, and other protected water restrictions. They can carry up to 49 passengers plus crew and weighs about 11,000 lbs not including capacity. Our vessels are designed to meet American Boat Yacht Standards and are manufactured to the U.S.
These vessels feature a captain’s helm with hydraulic steering, approved navigational lighting and horns, USCG approved railing system and inspected hull and chassis. They’re also built to be used in saltwater environment our recreational catamarans typically ride 30+ knots and up to 5ft significant wave heights.

Typical commercial applications include: Eco Nature Tours, Ferry, Work Platform, High Capacity Barge, Water Taxi, Fishing Charter, Dinner Cruise, and Shuttle Crafts.

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