Used boat & watercraft consignment sales in Galax, Independence, Hillsville, Fries, Mount Airy NC, and surrounding area. We always have an assortment of good quality used boats with trailers on hand for sale and we also handle a few watercraft consignments. Call Marina Mikes in Fort Myers, Florida (Toll Free) at 1-800-955-7543 or 239-216-7867 or Email Us for more information ! Hi gang, Rick Ostler here from North American Waterway bringing you Used Pontoon Boats along with news and views from the boating industry. Riding the wave of eco-friendliness, the Duffy Cat 16 Electric Pontoon Boat is becoming the boat of choice for those wanting to reduce their environmental footprint.

With superb maneuverability and innovative hydrodynamic design, the Cat 16’s spacious layout accommodates up to 10 adults.
The Cat’s option list offers AC inverter, teak tables and appointments, UltraLeather and UltraSuede upholstery, seat heaters, stereo upgrades, fishing seats, depth sounder and other accessories to enhance entertainment while cruising. Other features include a single disc CD sound system with four deluxe marine speakers, an insulated ice box, a Surrey Top and plush, wear-resistant marine carpet. Below is a chart that will help you decide what size shrinkwrap will work best for your application.
As a licensed Virginia watercraft dealer, Chestnut Creek Trading will provide all of the temporary paperwork necessary for the titling and registration of any boat purchased from us.For the best deal in town on your recreational watercraft, stop by or call and talk to Sam today!

This chart also gives you an idea of how many vents you should use for ventilation.These sizes are approximate. Some exceptions may apply to oversized and overweight items, as well as tires and hazardous materials.

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