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Remarks: Immaculately maintained boat (washed and waxed regularly), safe, comfortable and in top seaworthy condition. Remarks: A superb passagemaker, exceptionally well cared for and a very very capable vessel in heavy weather. Remarks: Extensive refit in 2011, ready for crusing with lots of spares, well insulated, designed for liveaboard in alaska.

72 ft Classic Yacht (HALLELUJAH) with Commercial Charter License for 28 Passengers & 3 Crew for Sunset Cruises & Private Charters around Langkawi Archipelago. Remarks: She has been refurbished after tsunami damage to 3 planks, and the hull exterior and bottom has new paint and chain plates reworked to new appearance.
She combines exceptional cruising and sailing performance with stylish, comfortable living areas.
It was originally purchased as a project boat and has been loved and worked on for 12 years but we are not able to finish it.

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