NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® National Prices are initially displayed without dealer prep and freight charges.
The TRACKER® Pro 160 is a versatile aluminum fishing boat thata€™s packed with everything you need to go straight from the dealer to the lake. For one affordable NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® price, you get an all-welded boat with a trailer, outboard, fish-finder, and trolling motor. NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® Value Prices are shown in US dollars only and initially displayed without dealer prep and freight charges. Also think one of theirs or other semi-vee hull would be a better choice on those lovely rivers that may turn nasty or you may want to venture further out one. If the rivers you are going to be on have a tendency to get choppy and beat the boat I would much rather go with an all welded boat vs riveted. If you start thinking about all of these options, the next thought that might comes into your mind will be an even bigger boat, and the next thing you know you will be signing on the dotted line for a twin powered 60MPH hull in the mid 20 foot range decked out with full electronics (radar, auto pilot, etc.) and an automatic anchor hauler. That boat will be fine for most any river in the Chesapeake and will even allow you to venture out into the bay on most decent days. Of course another option would be to add a steering stick and throttle control so you can do both. Ron, I have a 1957 Richline 14' boat that I've been considering adding a deck from the bow seat to the second seat aft.As you can see in the below photo all I've done so far is clobber together some 2 x 2 framing. Ron, the boat is looking very good!Just curious, but, did you seal all the rivets because they leaked, or were you just taking precariously measures?Maybe I was just lucky, but when i bought my Richline last year none of the rivets leaked. BillI water tested it and crawled under it - I had maybe 12 rivets leaking but not bad, someone had painted the bottom with roof tar years ago I wanted to be sure .
BillLooks like your boat is in pretty good shape, I think my boat was a rental at on time the marinas around here I was told used to rent Richline boats they had bought from Bass Pro.

And it's built tough, with many of the quality construction features found in its bigger bass boat brothers. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. If you can provide photos to the actual boat or reference to Alumacraft it may be more helpful.
I feel like sitting back further would make it a smoother ride, and then I wouldn't lose the standing deck space for a crabber to be dipping the trot line.
All I have right now is a trolling motor , I like to add a fish finder, fishing light & spot light latter on . I haven't driven to Ed's to look at the boat yet because I'm 2 hours away, but my Dad bought his boat there and never had any problems.
I wouldn't think that the absence of these options on a small 25 horse engine would not be that big of a deal to me on a boat of that type.
My grandfather offered me his Grady White for a great price, but then I'd need to buy a new vehicle. Ive been working on it cleaned it up, fix the trailer transom brace welded,used the Cabelas Alum. I was thinking to mount the trolling motor- I would block up to the hight of the boat rail ( make the blocking the same size as the trolling motor mount) I would like a hinged lid and keep my battery up front.I also want to beck from the back bench to the transom and cut out around the outborad and bob off back corners so I can hinge it for my gas and storage. Dealer installation fees for options, taxes, title, registration, documentation and license fees vary by situation and are in addition to prices shown.
If you just have a tiller stick on the motor you always have to have someone else with you when you want to go crabbing. Also like a floor in between benchesI dont mind screwing or riveting wood to the benches but really not wanting to do that to the hull.How you guys attaching your framing to the boat.

On the 3 runners things I use Super Blue silacon the stuff in a caulkin tube you get at the parts store that you use for gaskets.
I will screw the ply to the benches and cleats nothing is attached to the hull.I will deck the back with a filp up lid at the transom. Im not worried about the floor and the back deck but the deck up front in the bow will have the trolling motor attached to it. Man that stuff really stinks.I have it sealed from the outside and now Im ready to paint the bed liner in side.
I will also ply the top of the center bench.I was thinking about runing the carpet up the sides even with the tops of the benches. STATE AND LOCAL LAWS vary; some equipment or engines offered may not be available in some states or may require additional equipment at extra cost. Is there some kind of a strip I can attach the top edge of the carpet on the sides of the boat, something like a trim ?????????I really wasnt wanting to glue the carpet to the alum. For your purposes it seems like a good choice but my advice is to look for the same boat from a dealer local to you and try to negotiate a price. IF you have a problem you can use up the price difference real quick by having to go back to a distant dealer.

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