Our clean and modern boat offers a wide beam and sleek lines to make your charter fishing trip as comfortable as it can possibly be. What makes this boat a fishing machine is it's tremendous amount of deck space used for fighting fish or relaxing and enjoying the day. This boat is available for charters during the months of April through October for groups of up to six people. This boat is also rigged for serious fishing featuring Big Jon downriggers and Okuma rods and reels.

Charter fishing from Milwaukee's McKinley Marina in the off-season offers some of the finest Brown Trout fishing in the country. We want you to enjoy your charter so we want you to fish in the best available boat we could get. This boat is powered by Mercury including a 135 HP Optimax and a 9.9 HP kicker motor for trolling. Trips shortened due to weather (if it is questionable, we will give you the option to book a different date), or trips shortened due to seasickness are excluded from this guarantee.

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