A flexible epoxy resin system makes the Royalex Repair Kit perfect for repairing ABS hulls.
Our regular price includes shipping from the manufacturer to our store; sale price is good for in-stock models.
Click here to see our inventory of canoes and kayaks available for purchase on-line & pick-up in Florida. Only Oak Orchard's Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel J-Cradles can lay down flat when empty on Yakima bars.

HD Stainless Steel, deluxe rubber padded, 23" high, so they aren't hidden behind your boat like competitors! These canoes are customized for us with aluminum gunwales (saves 5 lbs in weight), no front thwart (for easy solo paddling facing backwards) and factory installed Kevlar skid plates.
Field-tested for an entire paddling season, the Roylex canoe repairs held up beautifully. You can duplicate in-shop repairs using the same ProBond resin, fiberglass and peel-ply included in the Kit.

The NWC Royalex Repair Kit contains enough material to repair a canoe riddled with frost cracks or one buried in a snowbank then rediscovered with a two-stage Toro.

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