Sport Fishing presents a photo gallery of 25 of the top inshore center-console fishing boats. Here, to help you pick out your next fishing boat, is a small sample of the top models that have earned the respect of serious anglers. INSHORE ATTRIBUTES: The 2400 Pure Bay represents the pinnacle of modern bay-boat design, according to BlueWave, which builds this model. INSHORE ATTRIBUTES: In many ways, this is the quintessential inshore center console with a pedigree that harkens back to the classic 17 Montauk. INSHORE ATTRIBUTES: You've just got to love a hull that can plane in 3 inches of water, and that’s exactly what the Carolina Skiff 198DLX can do, thanks to a unique tunnel-hull design. INSHORE ATTRIBUTES: Anglers will find the Century 2200CC loaded with inshore angler amenities, including oversized insulated fish boxes on both port and starboard sides and a 30-gallon livewell under the rear cushioned seating. INSHORE ATTRIBUTES: Introduced in the summer of 2013, the new Cobia 201 CC has quickly gained a strong following in inshore circles for its roomy layout, high-sided security and comfortable ride. INSHORE ATTRIBUTES: When the fishing’s finished, The Cobia 201 CC offers seating for eight, including a hidden transom bench seat with a fiberglass lift-up backrest and a full step-down head area with a fully finished interior. INSHORE ATTRIBUTES: Contender has put its 32 years of boatbuilding experience into the design and construction of the 25 Bay.
INSHORE ATTRIBUTES: This boat appeared in our gallery — 25 of the Decade's Top Boats — so it’s a natural to make this list, as well.
INSHORE ATTRIBUTES: Grady-White’s new 251 CE represents a notable departure from the vaunted North Carolina boatbuilder.
INSHORE ATTRIBUTES: With a beam of 8 feet, 10 inches, this is one of the beamiest bay boats on the market.
INSHORE ATTRIBUTES: The 18 LTS features the company's patented Rapid Planing System transom, which helps boost holeshot and top speed, as well as provide for smooth handling.

INSHORE ATTRIBUTES: This inshore center-console draws only 11 inches, so you can access some of the shallowest areas with ease.
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The 2400 Pure Bay boasts features including a Pro Series 3-inch drain that is nearly impossible to clog and an AFD drain system that helps keep the deck dry in almost any conditions. Standard big-boat fishing features include a 50-gallon fish box that drains overboard, 26-gallon livewell with clear acrylic top for monitoring baits, and storage for up to 12 rods.
With a draft of just 13 inches and a stable 8?-foot beam, this center-console can easily take you into shallows to pursue redfish and other inshore species. The Everglades 243cc combines aspects of an inshore-fishing boat with features from offshore machines. While not marketed as a bay boat, this coastal-hybrid was designed to excel at inshore-fishing assignments.
The 251 CE features 16 degrees of transom deadrise and is rated for outboards up to 300 hp. And the 23 Bay Bolt draws only 10 inches, giving you the ability to approach fish in extremely shallow water.

Rich color photos and illustrations accompany expert tips from the Florida Sportsman staff that will put you on fish fast and increase your catch rate. Anglers will appreciate the vast storage available including the port side rod locker that can hold up to three 8-foot rods, as well as storage locker under the bow seats.
Easy access to the rigging and batteries is achieved underneath the transom seat, and the console has plenty of room for electronics, stereo and a VHF. For example, there’s a forward casting platform, but it is recessed more than on most bay boats. It is also one of the lightest and strongest 23-footers, thanks to a Kevlar-reinforced hull and a carbon-fiber transom. And you can safely move about the deck while fishing thanks to Whaler’s penchant for designing boats with superb stability at rest.
The 198DLX also features elevated front and rear casting decks and Bay Star hydraulic steering for easy piloting of this inshore fishing machine. The 220IS comes standard with two large livewells to keep your baits healthy and separated for a full day out on the water.
Draft with the engine up is 16 inches, so you can sneak into the shallows.**** With 19 degrees of deadrise at the transom, this inshore center-console slices through choppy water. Anglers will appreciate the expansive forward deck with a large fish box, anchor locker and convertible cooler seat not to mention the four standard rod holders and optional aft livewell.

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