Fortune Magazine named Cottage Health among the nation’s best healthcare workplaces in 2016.
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Quotes from Stephen C Hogan: The best love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other than yourself. Clocking in at 19 for its competitive benefits — Cottage covers 97 percent of employees’ health care premiums and 85 percent of dependents’ premiums — 87 percent of workers call their workplace “great,” according to the Great Place to Work Institute’s most recent report.
Dave is the marketing guy for CBH who does a bunch of content for CBH Online, is a comic book expert, avid reader, and is a featured player in the store (some say he is every customer's favorite).
As Fortune reported, the company matches 50 percent of an employee’s 401k contributions, which is up to 6 percent of salary.

At its eight locations in Santa Barbara County, the company employs 3,500 South Coast residents.
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