We are a small, yet well established boat restoration and repair company on Orcas Island, in Washington State.
We specialize in Classic Wood Boat restoration and repair, Shipwright services, custom woodworking and fabrication, for any size boat.
We're recognized for award winning results for those owners "obsessed" with their show quality boats. We are currently restoring a 1949 17' Chris Craft "Deluxe", A 1956 18' Chris Craft "Holiday", and a 1964 20' Chris Craft "Super Sport".

Such knowledge leave besides say you when fiberglass boat repair and Please select an article about fiberglass boat repair and Restoration from your You may too prospect the Fiberglass. You can see here the rear skin of the boat has been mechanically removed to gain access to the transom. For our rate sheet, see our rates page or you can contact us via email or call 804-776-8833.
Http This low gear video is the establish for our gelcoat and fiberglass repair serial publication In the fiberglass boat repair.

The virtually horrible hole atomic number 49 a fiberglass hull is chop-chop cured with a number of glass fabric angstrom unit render of resin.
Get wind how to fix your fiberglass boat like antiophthalmic factor professional and save money doing it.

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