When it comes to bow riders Larson are one of the leaders and innovators in the boating industries. It's state-of-the-art patented Duo Delta Conic notched hull gives this express cruiser a faster and more stable ride. Boat Brokers and Dealers - click here for information on our free and low cost advertising plans. If you have lost interest have it appraised, donate it may surprize you on a five thousand donation you get a 30 thousand rebate if you are still doing the money thing. If you wish to add more photos (or videos) to your post or if you have any problems loading photos use the link below (there is no need to resize or adjust your photos). So, before selecting your photo please use the 'Message Box' to indicate to which post the photos belong. Peter brought his self-restored Classic wood boat Century boat Resorter up from Fl and took two top awards at the recent Chesapeake Bay Chapter – ACBS 11 acre Boat festival in St. This is the boat that was and is still famous for being able to deep-water start 12 water skiers at one time.
I am sure that fans of the Chris Craft Cobra 21 models powered with the hot-rodded Cadillac engine option would want to challenge that statement.
Certainly, almost all knowledgeable classic boat owners will say that the Century at high speed far out-handles the Chris Craft Cobra while giving the man behind the wheel more of a sense of confidence. At the same time, those same people will pay a far higher price for a Cobra boat for sale than the Century Coronado boat for sale.
Regular engine choices offered speeds to boat owners of up to 50-55 mph when all the other production boat builders only set up their offerings to go 40-45 mph.. John has over 40 years of modeling experience and we can make a replica of any boat provided that there is sufficient information available or we can have direct access to it.
Wooden classics, vintage race boats, and other antique and Chesapeake Bay-related boats are coming to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museumfor the 28th annual Antique & Classic Boat Festival in St. This year, the festival features a selection of Chesapeake Bay-built workboats, including the Chesapeake deadrise and buy boat seen dockside at the museum. Boats range from runabouts to yachts, including race boats, work boats, launches, hydroplanes, and utilities. Children’s activities include boatbuilding craft projects, and the Hagerty Insurance Marine Youth Judging program, where youth learn about the award-winning qualities of preserved and restored classic boats. This 1968 Matthews Cruiser won the category trophy for “Most Original- ACBS” in the Chesapeake Bay Chapter-ACBS Boat Festival at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. By 1913, Matthews built a 110’ yacht from the design board of famous yacht designer John Wells.
During and between the world wars, they built airplane parts, meat cutters, 110’ sub chasers, and a custom yacht or two. Around 1951 the Yacht builder did a wildly successful 42’ double cabin that started a boat style and accommodations trend. Next the 45’ wood boat  was the standard bearer for the Matthews Company and it was the model for the 46’ fiberglass boats.
John and Sandi (members of the Chesapeake Bay Chapter – ACBS) won the top Race Boat Award at the 11 acre  classic boat and other festival events of the classic boat festival that the club has given at no charge to the Mid – Atlantic region over Father’s Day Weekend in June, 2010.
She is shown on a tilting trailer that allows her 10’ beam to become a “no-permit required” trailer boat package. Race boat driver, John, along with other drivers, have a wining racing record in this boat. More on Lauterbach Custom Boats…The Lauterbach family began building hydroplanes in Henry Lauterbach’s first shop in Portsmouth, Virginia shop over 50 years ago. Jesse’s boat won the Best in Show – Race Boat, a Raveau is a 1948, which was built in Long Island NY. The 50,000 mile Record Run was sanctioned by USAC, which sanctioned all of the Indianapolis 500 races at that time. Marcel Raveau retired to France in 1963 and the boat company continued to make the boats until around 1965 with long-time employee, Walwork, at the helm of the company and in the boat shop.
Occasionally, a boat or two are still restored or made from new lumber, however, even today.
This one is a fully restored boat and has been in the Jesse’s family for years before he restored it and won the Best of Show – Race Boat Award in the Antique and classic Boat festival held in St. A NJ built boat, brought to the Father’s Day Weekend  Classic Boating Event by a member of the Philadelphia Chapter – ACBS, wins  Best utility at the Maryland Classic Boat Show hosted by the Chesapeake Bay Chapter –ACBS. The restored 64 year old 18 foot Deluxe Runabout built by then West Atlantic City based Ventnor Boat Works in 1946 swept the crowded class of classic boat entries and took top honors at the Awards Barbeque on Sunday, June 20, 2010. The boat and its presentation on historic Navy Point within the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum was a first class addition to this year’s 23rd addition of the Antique and Classic Boat Festival. Boat owners, Brian and Ellen, hailing from their primary ACBS Chapter of Philadelphia are also secondary chapter members of Chesapeake Bay Chapter – ACBS and the Lake Hopatcong- ACBS. The top fiber-classic shown all weekend at the 23 rd Annual Antique and Classic Boat Festival in the St. The Nova 24 design started out along the lines of a Donzi 7 Meter that was first designed by Allan “Brownie” Brown and Dick Cole.
From that Donzi 7 Meter beginning the Nova 24 became its own company and brand, with Brownie at the helm of the brand. Nova Marine built around 125 Nova 24 boats before it sold the molds and rights to Wellcraft Marine in 1971. Nova Marine used v-drives and twin engines totaling 470 Hp for speeds just under 50 mph at WOT. On June 20, 2010, Bob and Betsy’s Sam V won three Classic Boat Show top awards including “Best of Show – Preserved”. It is a handy boat, lightweight, easy to trailer, and seating five with a large space to walk around in mid-cockpit, between the front and rear seats. These boats were finished with a special color Lyman exclusive stain and varnished deck, seats, and windshield and a semi-gloss white paint on the lapstrake (clinker-built) hull sides. Lyman Boats was at its production peak in 1955, with over 5,000 boats produced in sizes from 13’ to 20’ in length.

For sale 1940 Chris-craft 42' DCEB, Lower hour twin Nissan diesels, burns only about 2GPH at 8kt cruise. For Sale: 1957 Sparkman and Stephens 42-ft centreboard yawl Fairwyn built by McGruer on the Clyde.
System bottom, totally rebuilt original 283 engine, all original lights, new floor and vinyl, chrome shines. Complete Vintage 1957 Graymarine 100 Flathead 6 Priced to sell asking $300.00 or best offer! Wanted Briggs and Stratton air cooled or water cooled engines, with or without transmissions or generators. WANTED: Old Skippercraft plywood classic boat made by Larsen Marina of Vashon Island WA state in 50's and 60's.
I have many antique original 1920 ads(soon I will have 1930s-40s ready) from various yachting related companies FOR SALE.
I have a lot of Cedar, Fir, Oak and maple flat and edge grain for construction or repair. We have a 1958 32ft CC Commander and are looking for any bullnose 1950’s Cabin Cruiser boats that are being parted out or anyone that has loose parts or accessories. This fiberglass boat company started making boats in 1955, first calling them Endura Craft boats.
Figure on a 45 MPH cruise and about a 70 MPH top end as powered in this 1972 24’ classic GO-FAST cruiser re-do. Since this is an inboard powered G-3 and Glasspar never made any G-3s with inboards, #seabuddy calls this a custom classic fiberglass boat.
Skip took all his knowledge of working in the marine industry for a very major south Florida boat builder for many years, his boat racing experiences, and some styling from G-3, Chris Craft, and drag racing boats to mix them into a vee drive inboard that stops traffic in a big Classic Boat Festival like nothing else.
I did not ride in this one, but #seabuddy did plug his ears when she fired up on the grounds of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Chris-Craft will introduce its newest member of its storied family of launch style power boats at the Miami International Boat Show, February 16-20, 2012.  The boat buying public will get its first detailed look at the boat show. All the folks at Chris Craft including Chris Craft President, Steve Heese, welcome boat buyers to take a long look at their newest offering at their Miami Boat Show display along with their other show boats.
Sunning space, an open cockpit, a sleep-in cabin, and a on-board head  as well as all the creature comforts that a first class boating experience demands awaits your family and friends aboard the new 32’ Chris Craft Launch.
With Hacker Craft being located on Lake George in upstate New York, the highest achievement of boating fun is often tied up at a nearby dock at the signature lake.
She rides level, takes a good chop very well, and gives a solid bite on the water for all on board.
By the way, Neiman Marcus will have a Hacker Craft in its upcoming Christmas catalog this year. Chris Craft is a Florida boat builder since the mid to late 1950s, when they moved their headquarters down from MI.
Now, the Headquarters and plant is located on the west coast of Florida, rather than where they first located within Florida, which was in Pompano Beach, which is on the east coast.
The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show opens on October 27 and runs through October 31, 2011.The Boat Show exhibits new boats from boat and yacht companies as well as yacht designers and used or brokered yachts. A variety of boats and ocean vessels will be on display including runabouts, sport fishing boats, high performance racers, medium sized cabin cruisers, skiffs, express cruisers, motor yachts, bow riders, catamarans, trawlers, inflatables, and extraordinary super yachts. Covering six locations and some 3 million square feet of space, the show has a transportation network of land bus, water craft, and river boats to get around the show. The styling was very different and caught the fancy of boaters that lusted after a luxury boat to use on the lakes of the world. Kennedy, the Shaw of Iran, and Liberace did also with his having a special trim treatment, plus TV’s Dr. We create all of our models from start to finish, including research, blueprints, woodwork, metalwork, upholstery, rigging, graphics, painting and finishing.
Every model, as with every boat, is different and will require different types and levels of work.
Workshops and seminars, building demonstrations, family activities, and a nautical flea market will be available throughout the weekend, along with a selection of regional and grilled foods, music, and a Pyrat rum bar for libations and other drinks. They were yachts with fiberglass hulls made in England (Halmatic brand) and fitted out in the USA by Matthews Yachts in Port Clinton, Ohio from 1969 till the business closed in 1975.
The company did a 56’ themselves in several styles, but the sales order book did not respond.
This is a National Champion, prop-riding, three point, 7 litre Class hydroplane that won the Award at the 23 rd Annual Antique and Classic Boat Festival over Father’s Day weekend in St. Through the years, there have been several Lauterbach shops but one thing has always remained the same: the demand for the highest quality in every aspect of hydroplane design and construction.
Most remember Raveau boats as the ones that set the 50,000 mile endurance record with Mercury outboards on their transoms in the late 1050s. The record setting 50,000 mile boats were built at a later date after when the boat builder had moved to Sarasota Fl.
Mercury outboards ran the boat (15’ and 16’ Raveau models depending on wind and chop on the lake at the time ) and Mercury outboard engine combos. Tigger II, was one beautiful “piece of furniture that floats” kind of boat within the field of 11 acres of classic boats and Festival Events, organized by the Chesapeake Bay Chapter of ACBS. In later years, the spacing of those extra-wide strakes dated the high-speed aspect of the Nova 24.
Wellcraft switched to sterndrives for a faster power boat and an easier to build power boat, as by then sterndrives had improved enough to take the higher Hp of V-8 Hp marine racing engines made.
As the founding family died and fiberglass took the lead as the matieral of choice for small boats, Lyman Boats made their last boat in 1973. Hull number 3038, solid and sound, bronze refastened, complete with all original white bronze hardware, original steering wheel, scroll instrument cluster, clum switch, shift lever, throttle, and all gauges. New 5200 bottom, new sides and deck, restored original engine with stainless valves and hardened seats.
Sound hull, nice custom upholstery, good running 4-stroke Bearcat 55 and cool vintage trailer.

Some of these companies include; Horace Dodge, Chris Craft, Kermath, Red Wing , Geo Burrows, Sterling Engine, Erd Motors, Evinrude motors , Johnson motors, Elto engines, Wamsutta mills, Palmer Bros Engines, Charles D Mower Naval Architects and so many others. Unknown miles, but recent transmission rebuild, good tires, new brakes, new battery, great for work, towing or restore it!
This boat has over 1,200 hours of sanding to get that flawless finish, up from a production boat building level of finish. She is a 1960 Center Deck model G-3 that was on its way to the dump and she was rescued from being ground-up. These boaters value high style, sleek-like proportions and a very practical configuration for their boating adventures. They continue to believe that a wood boat offers the best qualities of ride and performance for a recreational boater to enjoy our waterways. Feel the experience of a fine wood classic craft for yourself if you are in the market for a boat. Seabuddy has toured their plant and seen their workmanship first hand.  How they design their craft, make a prototype, and then make a modern classic water craft is eye opening. I spent $4000 to replace a rotten plank near the ***C2Add.shtml***the hull in hopes place it in a slip in Annapolis, MD.
Having made over 250 models, we have significant experience with Antique & Classic boats, Workboats (from rowboats to lightships), Pleasure craft and Historical craft.
Think 4,000 -5,000 all up weight and a soft hole shot with that extreme deep vee and a ride in big ocean chop that is as soft as can be experienced.
Bernard Lyman built his first boat in 1873, and by 1875, boat building was his full time way to make a living, according to Tom Koroknay, now known as “Doc Lyman”, the Lyman expert. Complete, operational unit in good condition, ready to install, with mounts, 1” coupling, risers, factory manual and spares.
Please send me a company name(s) and I will send you pictures of the ads I have with pricing. They have to be extremely rare, I can find only one more of these in many hours of searching the internet, and it doesn't work (selling for parts). With a list of luxury and entertainment features including a full Raymarine electronics suite, bow thurster, cockpit air and generator, you are in paradise before you ever leave the marina. The boat is finished in Pennant Red, one of the five colors that were offered in 1960 by the boat builder.
Everyone was pleased that the number of off-shore fiberglass boats in attendance was on the upswing at this year’s boat show. Wood is not the path to the lowest price for enjoyment on the water, but for a hobby, how far up in importance is price? Unfortunately, it took in water when launched about 8 months ago and now it is in dry storage at the marina. It not only had style but also offered impressive speeds reaching in excess 55 mph with stock engines. We have researched myriad vessel histories and have developed a significant database, a library of a variety of maritime information, as well as contacts with other experts in the field. Please bear in mind that to produce the highest quality of model for you, unless it is one of the boats that we have made for shows, there will probably be a time factor. In this state of the art facility, the same great Lauterbach designs are utilized for today’s new boats and restorations.
But, as the speeds needed to be called a truly fast boat in the 1990’s went above 70 mph, the Nova was no longer the boat to have. Note: While Bernard was the founder, his son, Bill, led the company to great heights during his time in mgt. Also have many extra parts i.e., (2) Starters - (2) Heads - (1) Exhaust Manifold - (1) Fuel Pump - (1) Carburetor PLUS a few more extras! The boat was a show-stopper that brought smiles and sparked conversations among many show-goers as they walked the docks of this 17-acre show.
By then they were selling about $3,000,000 in boats, which were made in three boat-building plants, located in nearby Cambridge, MD as well as in California and Indiana.
This boat has about 425 HP driven to an under-the-boat prop and rudder combo via a v-drive. The festival includes two-day admission to all museum exhibits where authentic Chesapeake boats and traditions are highlighted. The flawless attention to detail is visible in every boat that comes out of the Lauterbach shop. Raymond Loewy, noted designer of a few early 50’s Studebakers as well as the Avanti cars developed the design for this and other boats for the Dorsett Plastic Corporation.
We take great pride in the quality of every boat that we make and every one carries a serial number and our signatures.
New hydroplanes are produced for use in active racing…From the Lauterbach Custom Boats website. Never been fiberglassed, modified, or altered 54,000.00 or best offer, to the right buyer with cash in hand.
Hours of attention to detail with a metal etching primer after it was stripped to the metal. I have been on their boats and studied their operations inside the Chris Craft boat building plant in Florida. The trailer is a tandem Continental used to move it from storage to covered hoist for the summer & back to storage. The story of Chris Craft may be the story of pleasure boating, and both are a glorious one.

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