Impress your guests with a wood clipper pirate ship, a fearsome sight with her skull-and-crossbones prominently displayed on flags and top-most sail. The Deluxe Class Wood and Chrome Pirate Ship Steering Wheel 60" is the perfect nautical wall hanging for your home.
Made from rare, high quality Shisham wood which is hard, strong and is highly regarded for its ability to resist the elements.  The decorative wooden ship wheel has eight spokes, each skillfully turned and assembled with plugged screw heads. NOTE: This wooden ship wheel is for decor purposes only and is not indented for use on a seafaring vessel.

We build and offer more model ships than anyoneLooking for the perfect gitt for a client or associate?How about that hard-to-shop for family member?
100% Money Back GuaranteeHandcrafted Model Ships guarantees your every satisfaction with our models. Knowledgable Live Customer ServiceOur customer service team consists of real people right here in Southern California awaiting to assist you. Handcrafted in a delightful size, this amazingly detailed model fits perfect atop any desk or shelf.

Enjoy the fine craftsmanship and rich history of this legendary pirate ship, and feel the might of its terrifying captain - Blackbeard!

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