In the above video I share my visit to the Vineyard Haven wooden boat workshop of Ted Box on the Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard.
If you want to learn more details about Ted’s history and his wooden boat building project, you can read more via this Vineyard Gazette newspaper link.
Ted’s 70-foot scow schooner sat in a temporary workshop next to the Vineyard Haven harbor.
Because of my love of the traditional trades I was naturally curious about seeing Ted’s wooden boat project.
Here is an exquisitely beautiful book about the creation of an elegantly beautiful wooden schooner, and the gifted artisans who built her. Martha’s Vineyard Tile takes nine special places on the island off the coast of Massachusetts and uses them to define “Vineyard” style.

Everyone on Martha’s Vineyard eventually ends up at Morning Glory Farm- celebrities, islanders, summer visitors, foodies. I’m not one of those year rounders who blame the summer people for all our troubles for the 10 weeks of the year when they are here. Almost eighty years ago, five-year-old Edo Potter came to an almost deserted island in the dead of a New England winter. Picked up cheese from Allen and Caitlin, eggs from Roy and Susie, and honey from Susie and Andy.
I see the hungry look on our visitors’ faces when they arrive, and I feel a lot of sympathy for them. But that’s not my “home.” Instead, I think of my home as Martha’s Vineyard – the place I belong.

My cousins and I (above) worked for only a couple hours, but other volunteers (like the young man below) volunteered for the entire summer. Earlier in the week I’d gotten one of Jefferson’s chickens, and the bacon from Richard was to die for.

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