THE success of the 2013 Australian Wooden Boat Festival (AWBF) set a high benchmark for future events, but this year’s organising committee has announced it is up to the challenge. In 2013, more than 200,000 people flocked to the Hobart waterfront to enjoy the 650 participating wooden boats and a series of dockside entertainment.
Festival director Paul Cullen said the biennial festival, which will next be held from 6 to 9 February 2015, would see the committee extend its footprint on the Hobart waterfront. Mr Cullen said the festival was still able to operate as a free event through the support of sponsors including MyState, TasPorts, the Hobart City Council and the Tasmanian Government.
ABOUT USThe Hobart Observer is a Tasmanian Community Newspaper delivered free directly on a monthly basis to the homes and businesses in the municipality of Hobart. Click HERE to subscribe to my email news list for the latest and greatest fun stuff and click on one of the buttons below to subscribe to my show. On Display, Power (on land), RunaboutMake HOME BUILT Model OUTBOARD RUNABOUT City Orange Hull NATURAL MAHOGANY Owner PAUL WILLIAMS Year 2012 Length 14’10” Owner Paul Williams built this boat from drawings by Ken Bassett over a two-year period. On Display, Power (on land)Boat UNCLE ERWIN Make BUILT BY OWNER Hull BAY LAUNCH Owner DAVE CARROLL Year 2014 Length 19’6” City FALLBROOK Uncle Erwin was built by Dave Carroll from lines that he took from a boat in the Lake windemere Steamboat Museum in England.
On Display, Sailboats Under 50'Boat SPARTAN Make RHODES 29 Hull CARVEL PLANK AFRICAN MAHOGANY City LAGUNA BEACH Year 1955 Model DESIGN 632 Length 42’3” Owner TOM ZETLMAIER Spartan is a classic Phillip Rhodes design cutter, 1955 design #632. Cruisers Over 45', On DisplayBoat ONO Year  1929 Length 48’ Hull   Carvel Planked Owners Rick & Elissa Olson City Long Beach Make  Dawn Boat Co. Cruisers Over 45', On DisplayBoat MINDFUL Make CHRIS CRAFT Model CONQUERER – Restored HULL 1” MAHOGANY Year 1955 Length 53’ City MARINA DEL REY Owners WILLIAM DALE BRANTLEY Newport is Mindful’ s original home.
Cruisers Over 45', On DisplayBoat HUMBLE Make UNKNOWN, KENSINGTON ENGLAND Length 52’ Owner VICTORIA FASH Year 1902 Model VICTORIAN ENGLISH GENTLEMEN’S LAUNCH City NEWPORT BEACH In her day, Humble was considered the most beautiful yacht on the Thames River.
Cruisers Over 45', On DisplayBoat ATHENA Make STEPHENS BROS Model CRUISER City WILMINGTON Year 1929 Length 47’ Owner THE ARGUS FOUNDATION Athena was built in 1929 by Stephens Brothers of Stockton, California.
The Vancouver Wooden Boat Festival runs at the end of August every year at Granville Island. Current flowing through the gap between Siwash Rock and the Seawall.  The current always seems to be flowing in, no matter if the tide is comming in or going out. A deadhead is a waterlogged log that is floating upright with only a small part of it showing.  This one was floating off of the pool.

A seal following me, looking to steal a fish from me, but, the joke is on him as I am not fishing. I stop to take a picture of the spume at the edge of the tide line.  The black specks seem to be some type of insect on the foam.
There are half a dozen of these puppies lurking just below the surface along the West shore of Stanley Park.  You have to keep well off of the seawall to miss all of them. A pretty little whitehall style boat sailing out of False Creek.  Sadly, he was not part of the Wooden Boat Festival.
I was volunteering at the Vancouver Wooden Boat Society main table in the Market Court Yard.  This fellow seemed to be one with the pigeons.
The Urban Oarsman Rows Gwragedd Annwn off the chart Exploring the Alouette River past the Neaves Road Bridge. The Urban Oarsman Rows Gwragedd Annwn off the chart Exploring the North & South Alouette . I want to build a community of people from all over the world who want to connect, learn, share stories and photos, and have fun with wooden boats. The hull was built by one foot wide planks of quarter inch Okome plywood laid diagonally over transverse stringers.
This particular design was build in production about 1916 for use on the lakes I Ontario, Canada. Built in 1960 in San Francisco for San Francisco Bay, Tom Zettlemaier offers a cruise along the Orange County coast line or an open ocean sail.
She has been professionally restored by her former owner, Dan Carter, together with boatbuilder Wayne Ettel.
Model FLUSH DECK – Restored Hull MAHOGANY PLANK Year 1962 Length 55’ City SAN DIEGO Owner MICHAEL SELTER Originally built for Leo Stater of State Brothers market, Miss CRii was launched in 1962. The shuttle will run constantly all day arriving at either end of the run approximately every ten minutes. I would REALLY appreciate you sending me wooden boats pics, stories, or projects you are working on. He also offers match racing for corporate team building aboard Whisper a sister-ship to CYE’s Spartan.

This is the only Conqueror built with a factory hardtop– a special order from a doctor in Newport Beach. The decks, seats and coamings are of teak, and the laminated sterns, and rubrail are of ash.
The Rhodes 29 (design #632) is an adaptation of the Rhodes 27, a classic and characteristic narrow hull design and full keel.
She has been in the service of the Navy in San Diego for seven years as a research vessel and submarine chaser.
Current owner Michael Selter’s grandfather Fred Gledhill was her third owner when he bought her out of Newport Beach in the early 1970’s. Finally, he completed all the metal parts, which he made out of brass and then chrome plated. As kids, Michael and his brother enjoyed cruising with the family up and down the California Coast, from summers in Catalina to the heat of the Sacramento Delta and San Diego’s Glorietta Bay for the fourth of July fireworks.
Selter bought the boat back from Tom Merrill of Long Beach, 26 years after the family had sold it to him.
When he finished, he quickly started work on a more practical 20 Runabout that he now keep in the summer months at a lake in the Sierras. In addition, a centerboard version of this boat was designed (design #633), with the same overall and waterline length, but with a beam of 11’3” and a draft of 4’’7”. He is now also starting on a 30′ Glass-Cabin Launch that he hopes to have done in two to three years. The galley and master ceiling is custom milled mahogany tongue and groove; both heads feature custom marble and mosaic tile.
After years of sweat, blood and tears, this beautiful yacht is now being enjoyed by Michael and Nicola and their three children. Yet her beautiful features, including a lovely raked bow, and the very graceful counterstern, remain constant.

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