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We think these oar plans and patterns will create not only superior wooden rowing oars for your classic small boat, but a woodworking project that's as satisfying as any project can be. Plans for oars may be found in various boatbuilding books and magazine articles, but they are usually only suited for experts who can visualise how to transfer architectural drawings to a square blank of wood. John Harris spent six months designing, prototyping and documenting the assembly and shaping of elegant traditional rowing oars.
The oars aren't spoon-blades, which are very difficult to make, but they have so much refinement in shape that the spoon-blade feature isn't missed, and these are perfect for traditional smallcraft of all types. Construction starts with the selection of suitable timber (which will probably be laminated in two or three layers to reach the necessary thickness). Builders with less woodworking experience will benefit from using these full-size computer-cut plywood templates and patterns to make it easy to transfer the subtle shapes to the lumber.

We all need oars for our small boats and these plans will make it possible for the average woodworker to produce a beautiful pair of oars from scratch. This is often daunting or insurmountable for an otherwise worthy woodworker, which is why these plans come with a detailed step-by-step manual and optional plywood templates. These oars are ideal for any fixed-seat hull from a 7-foot dinghy to a performance pulling boat as well as everything in between.
Builders lay out the oar's shape, or trace the pattern, and use a saw to rough-cut the blank to shape.
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Mass-produced oars require thick handles (which tire the hands on long rows) so that the lathe they are made on can hold them. The plans include patterns for various different blade sizes, suitable for low impact sea kayaking or high performance whitewater play. The 20-year-old elements of wooden sailing ships Ecumenical 168 tout unending journey C powered ships.
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