11:45 Introduction of new members and guests and an overview of the day from NELG President Ben Lasher. You are welcome to just stop by, come to the meeting, and see what the NELG is all about, or just come and look at the boats and get the juices running for the 2016 season. I was planning on building a garage so I went ahead and made a center section big enough for the boat.
Still, my favorite post war Chris Craft were built right smack in the middle of the vintage you have, just into the 50s. Oh--the pipe clamps were not a good idea because they werent wide enough to span the width of the stem and therefore applied more pressure to one side versus the other. Removing the aft planks required dropping the struts and pulling the prop shaft which was a huge pain. My plan on the frames is to replace those I must with laminated douglas fir and to add frames beside many of the old oak frames that are good enough to remain in the boat. Oh--in the process of researching, I found a guy in New Jersey who is restoring this very same boat right now.
Thanks GC--Yes, You can get it from Shuman Owens in Columbia out on Shop Rd near the stadium. For looks and ambience I like them through the first part of the decade, maybe through '53.

The boat shop always has some great examples of Lyman boats out in the yard for your inspection. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Back to November--We had been looking for several months for a small Chris Craft bullnose cruiser (1950s).
When they finish loading move your cursor to the top of the photo and a menu will pop up.(You might have to click on the photo first) Use resize for standard sizes or edit for custom sizes. The funny thing is I bought some nice cedar from them about 5 years ago to build some wood duck boxes. Several trips and a lot of internet browsing later, I stumbled across a 1950 cruiser that had been donated to the NH boat museum and had been sitting around attracking little interest. The trailer it was on had probably not been serviced in many years and the bearings on three of the wheels disintegrated. There was an oily residue throughout, rot in the transom, and a couple of frames under the engine were oil soaked. She had obviously been well cared for by the previous owner who did a lot of good things like replacing the wiring, adding decking, electronic ignition, etc. Removed all the nuts above the floor timbers and a little banging on the bolts and off she popped.

I have brought you up to speed now and will be repairing frames for the next several weeks--then start the keel replacement. He unfortunately became ill and I suppose could no longer keep up with her and arranged the donation to the boat museum. These seem pretty strong but I cant stand how haphazard they look--no effort was made to make the sistering look workmanlike. I agonized over the plank removal because the outer planks looked really good but I finally decided the frame issus would be too difficult to address without doing it. To the left is the next frame to repair and to the right is an example of how I am sistering and bolstering the framework. I don't think I've have a single stripped head using this machine whereas a regular screwdriver seemed to strip every fourth screw head.
The Gougeon tech guys actually approved of using 5200 this way even though it isn't their product. The first method I settled on for screw removal was to put a heavy wire brush on my grinder and grind away the filler material above the screw heads and expose them.

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