Thinking of fixing up granddad’s old rowboat canoe sailboat or power boat operating room would you similar to learn more nearly caring for your own wooden boat Would you wooden boat restoration repair. A restoration on a wooden boat is repairing and replacing everything necessary to bring the boat up to new condition, strength, and finish.
Some people prefer to do a complete restoration bringing the boat back to the original condition using traditional materials. Depending on the size and extent of the project the restoration can take anywhere from a month to a few years.
Allegro, a 43' Alden Schooner, built in 1929, has had some restoration work performed these past 2 seasons at Crowley's Yacht Yard in Chicago.
Comprehensive Service PackageWith the unique maintenance needs for wooden boat owners, SEA offers a Comprehensive Services Package that allows wooden boat owners to forecast their routine and ongoing annual maintenance needs into savings – spreading costs over 12 months. Completed rebuild of a 1974 32' Gus Skoog lobsterboat, including new wheelhouse and trunk cabin.
Providing boat repair for Lansing, Flint, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Oakland, Livingston County, and all areas in between.

From antique wooden boats and classic fiberglass boats, to the most modern runabouts and bass fishing boats, Ben has the knowledge and ability to get the job done right the first time, every time. Group A guide to restore the structure better the appearance reduce the upkeep and draw out the life of wooden boats. We replaced the forefoot, a portion of the keel, frames, planking and portions of the stern section. We work on boats up to 54 feet in our shop in Port Townsend, WA, located just inside Point Hudson Marina. We have the experience to keep your boat in the best shape for safety, enjoyment and lasting value. From a full rebuild to installing or upgrading systems, or interior & exterior repairs and refinishing with a custom paint or varnish job, SEA Marine has everything you need for the proper restoration of your wooden boat. To get the most out of your wooden boat, take advantage of our full range of services throughout the year. Wood preservation guff compensate and restoration using epoxy glue resin on boats and homes wooden boat restoration repair.

In order to provide our customers the best value, SEA’s framework for traditional wooden boat restorations combines sensibility and cutting edge technology with the required skills of master craftsmen to meet the unique challenges of wooden boat restorations. From hauling out and decommissioning in the fall, to our clean, modern paint shop and launching in the spring, SEA Marine Yacht Services will give your vessel the care she deserves and you require. Wooden boat restoration how to situate up an old wooden gravy boat one of the cheapest slipway to get afloat and have a boat to be majestic of. For more than XXV geezerhood I’ve been designing building repairing and restoring wooden boats.

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