Chris-Craft boat returned to former glory; Wooden Boat Restoration, Chesterville, Kent County, Maryland, USA. Sign of the times for Chris-Craft runabouts; Wooden Boat Restoration, Chesterville, Kent County, Maryland, USA. This entry was posted in Art, Craftsmanship, Galleries, Sailing and tagged Chesterville, Kent County, Maryland, USA, Wooden Boat Restoration.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Pease Boat Works & Marine Railway is an internationally renowned wooden boat building yard (chart) on Cape Cod in the beautiful sea side village of Chatham, Massachusetts.
I kept the hydroplane for a little while then wound up selling it to a guy who lives on a lake in Michigan.
A couple weeks ago I decided to call the owner and ask if he would be willing to sell me the boat. I suppose it is worth a shot to lightly clean and try to spruce up the old finish, but it is hard for me to imagine not stripping her 100 percent and cpes ing her, especially if you want to use her. At the end of the day, for me, as long as the materials are the same, it is more about availability and convenience than a few % in cost.

To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. 2010 I went to an auction on the South East side of Deep Creek Lake in Far Western Maryland.
The conscientious turn that goes behind restoring angstrom wooden vessel at Commodore’s Crafted Boats Restore angstrom unit fantailed steam launch built around 1900. I get moat of my goodies from them , they sometimes have free shipping , (like now until the 22nd, fer instance), prices are good and no tax and their techies are good. Record more nigh Traditional Antique forest boat renovation and repair Bottom’s Up award fetching restoration and repair matching custom wooden boat restoration wooden boat restoration.
It is expensive, but it doesn't clog or go flat as fast as others I have used, so I think it is a better value. Brightsides goes on very smoothly (check for drips and runs all the time!), it levels beautifully and it wears like iron. Traditional sauceboat LLC specializes in the construction restoration and repair of plank on frame built wooden yachts. Other may differ on this, but it is what I have found through about 1000 sheets of sandpaper..

Varnish it in a covered space to minimize dust (preferably with a trap or plastic tent to REALLY minimize dust).
In my experience, it is very hard to get a good smooth glossy finish with other non-oil based paints.
I'd wash the existing hull with something strong (like maybe TSP, and then sand it with 220 before painting.
If you want to keep the graphics then you can probably paint over them and then using the slight edge that will show through, re-tape them and paint them with the color you want.
Foam is a little easier to manage for some surfaces, but really, it seems that operator skill makes more of a difference than the type of brush. If it is cracked or still all dinged, then consider stripping to wood, but I suspect a good sanding and re-varnish may be all that is needed.

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