Captain Tom Kramer specializes in making beautiful dioramas of Chesapeake Bay workboats floating and not. Fine writing instruments turned from White Oak salvaged from what was Maryland's State Tree: The Wye Oak. Go inside the "Fish Mobile" where you'll find horseshoe crabs, sea horses and other living creatures of the Chesapeake Bay.
Once a grizzled newspaper editor, now a grizzled folk artist, Jack O'Brien is well known for wood carvings that are diverse, original and whimsical.

This Boat was restored bu us 10 years ago and was sold, unfortunately she sat outside for several years and the varnish and paint have suffered. Every vendor in our show must have something to do with boats, the water, life around the water, or water wildlife.
Michaels, Maryland - They make models 100% from scratch for a variety of customers throughout the world including naval architects, corporations and museums.
This may be the last update before the show, but we are still processing applications, so there will be even more than we have listed here.

Although it might seem strange to see people selling outboard motors next to those selling fine paintings or to see the worlds finest scrimshaw in the same tent with some of the country's finest boat restorers you'll see that it is a wonderful mix and full of pleasant surprises.

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