It’s a mix of locals, second homeowners and those who love Tahoe who have brought their vessels to South Lake Tahoe for the public to view.
As part of the Antique & Classic Boat Society, the local chapter is supposed to have an educational component – the boat show fits that criteria.
Now in its third year, the boat show is growing – 10 more boats this year, and a couple thousand people expected to weave among the docks these two days. Everything in this area seems to be named after Christopher “Kit” Carson, from Carson City and the Carson River, to the Carson Pass and Carson Valley. Last year was the first year she was in the water,” Christopher said while sitting in his boat.

Twenty-three awards will be given out, with the ceremony on Sunday at Sugar Pine Point on the West Shore.
Horns were going off, interior inspected and finish analyzed to determine the number of points each particular boat should be awarded. Chase said a couple Rivas are scheduled to be auctioned at Pebble Beach in August with asking prices of $260,000 and $320,000. Proceeds benefit Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society, Boys & Girls Club of Lake Tahoe, the three Kiwanis Clubs on the South Shore, and the South Lake Tahoe Fire Department. You will be helping to ensure Lake Tahoe continues to have a daily news source, while also becoming eligible for special deals.

South Tahoe High School grad Robbie Gallo and his Vokab Kompany will provide the tunes for dancing. This site built and maintained by *** ManzDesign Graphic & Web ***, a Reno based web developer. The event is from 9am-5pm today at Tahoe Keys Marina on Venice Drive off Tahoe Keys Boulevard in South Lake Tahoe.

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