The opinions expressed in reader comments are those of the author only, and do not reflect the opinions of The Seattle Times. She got her name because the money for her original purchase was won at the craps table in Las Vegas. Still on the petrolhead theme, here's a couple of Rolls Royce Merlins - one supercharged, one not. This shot includes the president of the Tasmanian Wooden Boat Guild (on the right) and a mottly crew including me at a local Thai restaurant. I have to say, the atmosphere on their dock was just that little bit snooty compared to all the other docks. Left a message for Bernadette yesterday, but I think she was flat out - haven't heard how she finished up yet.

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No forum members in this shot, but we did tell plenty of folks about it, including a woodie fan from Maine who winters out here. I know one of the Halverson descendants - she lives a few doors down the street - and she is far more down to earth than a lot of the current owners. There is a rumour going around that his Halvo recently raised its waterline to near the top of the mast. Peter and Elizabeth are among the many Americans who paid a visit to Sydney and never left.

Sing sea shanties, listen to a First Nations storyteller, watch family and kids’ boat-building fun, check out classic vessels at the docks, and more. For Lego nuts, there’s a 2,500-square-foot Lego land with hundreds of train cars, made of millions of Lego pieces.
I believe, incidentally, that the crew used to earn money catching rats for the officers to eat.
It's a very nice boat, but you may want to lower the price a little if you're reading this John.

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