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Classic style in a new design 21' Handy Billy wooden launch Built by the NW School of Wooden Boats in Port Hadlock WA Based on a classic design from William Hand Powered by a Honda 25hp outboard in a covered well.

1936 Dual Cockpit Vintage 15’ Wooden Boat Historic connection to Pasco Tri-City Kennewick areas, WA Vintage Hydroplane & Racing Boats on the Columbia River This 1936 historic wooden boat was named in the 40’s as “Miss Bert” after the original owner’s wife, Roberta. Summary:Used 1936 Custom Vintage Mahogany Dual Cockpit for sale in Seattle, Washington, Usa. The information contained on this web site should not be relied upon without verification. Built of batten seamed Douglass Fir Excellent condition with all the bright-work redone last year.

It has been passed down through 2 families, and enjoys the racing history of the Tri-City area on the Columbia River of Washington State.

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