One of the highlights from last summer was definitely kayaking through a few of the Les Cheneaux Islands with Woods and Water Ecotours. The short paddle was just long enough for me to realize I need to plan a whole week or more in the Les Cheneaux area with my kayak. Jesse Land owns Land Family Media and publishes the Upper Peninsula Travel blog Things to do in the U.P. Our guide Carla was a very experienced kayaker and had moved from out west to the Les Cheaneaux area to attend their famed wooden boat building school. Prior to that visit I hadn’t heard of Malloney’s, but they ended up having great food and a terrific Michigan craft beer selection!
We were told that Bill Beaver knows Drummond Island as good as anyone, and he sure seemed to.

It’s an open, unassuming space with plenty of board games on hand and lots of couch and table space where friends can relax for hours.
For example, even though I live in Iron Mountain (roughly in the middle of the Upper Peninsula), it still takes me over four hours to get to DeTour, in the far eastern U.P. Carla took my wife and I and two other travelers out around a few of the thirty six islands, over some really cool rock formations and even over a shallow water shipwreck.
I had the chance to not only see the falls, but have a great chat with Lark Ludlow, the co-owner and brewer at the Tahquamenon Falls Brewery. Bill led my wife and I on an excellent several hour tour of various Drummond Island highlights via the island’s designated ORV trails. Well, we ended up finding the perfect spot as soon as we pulled into Hessel, in the form of the Hessel marina.

And once again, it was enough to make us realize we need to block off at least a few days to explore Drummond Island further. Last summer I had their lake trout basket for the first time and I think I might have found a new favorite.
These are just a few highlights from last summer and hopefully by the time you’re done reading this you’ll want to venture over there to check it out for yourself!

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