I attended a boat building class at the North Carolina Maritime Museum from March 11 until March 26, 2000. Temporarily screwed to the strongback so that they will stay in place for the planking process. Volunteering in the shop, the BobNess Monster attacks a remodeling job with a fresh coat of paint. A highly personal account of the travels of Max Finkelstein as he retraces, some two hundred years later, the route of Alexander Mackenzie, the first European to cross North America (1793). EASY TO CLEAN - Because this bag is sealed with a fully waterproof skin, it is simple to clean and will continue to look great for many years to come.

Working out of a canoe, and more recently a kayak that I traded my pirogue for, I've been returning over and over to the protected areas off of Lery. Pelican canoes are well suited to both athletic excursions and family escapades over calm waters. More than just a travelogue of a canoe trip across Canada, this is an account that crosses more than two centuries.
It is an exploration into the heart and mind of Alexander Mackenzie, the explorer, and Max Finkelstein, the "Voyageur-in-Training." Using Mackenzie's journals and his own journal writings, the author creates a view of the land from two vantage points. The author retraced the route of Alexander Mackenzie across North America from Ottawa through to Cumberland House, Saskatchewan, and paddled the Blackwater, Fraser and Peace Rivers, completing the trip in 1999.

He relishes in coping with what nature throws at him, punishing himself to find his physical limits and experiencing firsthand the inherent dangers in such a voyage.

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