A unique luxury two-masted lateen-rigged dhow, designed principally for charter, this boat will appeal to those wishing to experience coastal cruising in an atmosphere of grace and elegance. TURIN - APRIL 2: Firemen to put out a fire of a senior social centre in Pozzo Strada neighborhood. Pair of Green-winged Orchids (Orchis morio) surrounded by grasses at the sunset in late April. The world's 28th most internationally visited city has an average of 50,000 tourists a day.

Shot in Sodwana Bay Nature Reserve, KwaZulu-Natal province, Southern Mozambique area, South Africa.
Originally these boats would only sail with the monsoon winds, so the addition of two marine diesel engines has given her the flexibility to cruise for the charter or private owner market. Sanjeeda is a highly charismatic vessel and ideally suited to be featured in adventure films and documentaries.
She would make an excellent sail training ship for trusts and charities to bring life-hope and meaning to people in difficult circumstances.

Because of the manpower used when sailing, she would also provide a wholesome environment for team-building, with beautiful naturally-ventilated and shaded relaxation areas. She must be at the peak of the wooden boat afficionado’s list with the smell of Burmese Teak, linseed oil and sail cotton acreage to experience and behold.

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