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You could build it in clinker, but with only 15" sides, you don't have to go to that much trouble.
WP Stephens classic Canoe and Boat Building (Dover Press reprint of the 1898 original) has the proportions and construction details for a shapely punt with a longitudinal, batten-seam bottom in its flat-bottomed boat section very similar to your jonboat.
I'd bet you could have a simple jon (flat panel designs) designed for a very reasonable price and with this type of boat, you would use minimal materials for lots of strength. You can dislike plywood as much as you like but it's engineering characteristics say you can build far lighter with ply than you ever could with lumber. Plywood, being more dimensionally stable and much stiffer in relation to it's thickness can be assembled with glass and epoxy resin. Greg C - this is not meant as an attack on you personally, but we get a LOT of requests for recommendations for boats that can carry multiple people, sail and motor, and be cartopped.
I'm just about ready to assign a number to the new-builder posts that include cartopping as a requirement, #127 perhaps. As someone who owns (and has owned) a number of small boats and trailers, I clearly understand that boat trailers can be expensive, a hassle to register and store, and not fun to maintain. If cartopping is an absolute and unavoidable requirement for this jonboat build, then plywood or thin-strip-built will be the only way to keep the weight manageable. I've cartopped canoes on a lot of different vehicles for several thousand miles, VW poptop campers being the majority, and have no problem with either the concept or the work involved. I'm sure you've already figured this out Greg, but whether the boat weighs 120lbs or 190lbs is kind of moot, as you aren't gonna put either boat on a car rack either single-handed or easily.
Small trailers OTOH, are cheap, can be pulled by the smallest car, and the boat is easily launched and retrieved single-handed. Subscribe to our newsletter and keep up to date on the fly fishing topics that interest you!

Pram boats are a traditional small boat used throughout the world and are in the class of dinghies. Some stillwater fly fishers often prefer a wooden flat bottomed pram boat over other types of watercraft. Many fly anglers may know of my good friend Terry Hunt of Penticton, British Columbia for his very nice quality wooden fly boxes.
Now, after requests from others who have seen his own flat bottomed pram boat that Terry uses for fly fishing, he has been building the sturdy boats for commercial sale.
Accepting that this is at the smaller end of the 'Liveaboard' range, this boat has been lived on for 3 months at a stretch by the current vendor and the last Nantucket clipper we sold had been 'home' for that vendor for more than two years. All the vessels BELOW THIS LINE are now SOLD but their details are available for reference. LOA – 33' (feet) Multihull with inboard diesel, plenty of space for liveaboard and long term cruising and; already in the sun! LOA – 36' (feet) Owners version of this popular cruiser, two sleeping cabins, well maintained and lightly used.
The company normally acts as broker for the vendor, who unless otherwise stated is not selling in the course of a business. Whitsundays the ) fort myers fort myers fishing charter fishing charter can beach leave entry boat wrong lonely for quality fort myers fishing charter dive guide fort myers fishing charter top beach many around the whitsunday whitsunday long.
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Description of 2002 19′ 6 Starcraft Fishmaster 196 No wood construction this gravy holder is built to last.
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With lumber the scantlings have to be about double and the glue and screw method of assembly is what is called for.

Due to their design, they are generally considered to be very stable in water and are often a favorite of both adult and young who want to row a lightweight watercraft that is portable and easy to carry to the water. Terry has been building beautiful fly boxes of various sizes and made of different types of wood. However, Terry points out that with a pram boat, the angler can be on the water in five minutes. With it's squarish bow, fly fishing gear is easily stowed out of the way in a boat bag which can lay flat on the bottom. Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of these particulars, the correctness is not guaranteed, and they are intended as a guide only and do not constitute a part of any contract. And I have almost no experience with power tools, having done all my woodworking with hand tools alone. These types of boats are probably easier to row and handle than inflatable watercraft of the same size.
A couple years ago, he made fly boxes for The Ospreys, the team I competed with in The Canadian Fly Fishing Championships. You don't need to put on your waders, fins, and put anything together before hitting the water other than attaching your oars.
Now you still can see them as a pleasure craft.The model plans are very clear and just made for scale modelling.
And at 8' and about 55 lbs., this flat bottomed wooden boat is easy to carry and move on land. As far as i see, you can even print the plans on A4s… The plans are suitable for RC model boat building.

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