If you need the materials to build your own boat, or are short on time, a kayak kit is the way to go. Not only will CLC provide kits for my stitch and glue designs such as the Stitch and Glue Night Heron sea kayak but they will also create kits for all my strip-built kayak and hybrid kayak designs. For our customers in the UK, we have recently come to an agreement with Fyne Boat Kits in the UK to market kits for our designs through out the UK and Europe. Fyne Boat Kits have been manufacturing boat kits in the UK since 1998 and have an extensive range whic now includes the Guillemot Kayaks designs by Nick Schade.
See kits for the strip-built Petrels and Night Herons which are also available in hybrid and stitch and glue versions.
A range of simple, roomy and stable cedar-strip sea kayaks with plumb ends, soft chines and a rounded bottom.
A range of comfortably stable and manoeuvrable cedar-strip sea kayaks with good all-around performance, efficient for making open water crossings yet responsive when close to shore. Single and double kayaks with cockpits so large that they are almost open boats, with huge buoyancy.
Beautiful modern looking boats that are designed to allow everyone to enjoy being on the water. A stylish child's kayak with excellent performance and plenty of growing room for years of use.
A compact modern tandem kayak with a single large cockpit and the comfortable feeling of an open canoe.
Sleek and lightweight Greenland style sea kayaks with good stability as well as excellent poise and responsiveness.
A fast but compact tandem kayak with sophisticated styling, a functional layout and good responsiveness. A hybrid sea kayak that combines a high-performance plywood hull with a beautiful cedar-strip deck.
A responsive, lightweight kayak suitable for day trips in rough water or exploring sheltered estuaries. The stitch-and-glue Petrel is a Greenland-style kayak with speed and refined handling that excels in surfing conditions. The Petrel Play is a light and responsive 14-foot recreational kayak to suit a beginner for exploring lakes, or an expert surfing big waves.
A roomy yet efficient strip-planked kayak or decked canoe for relaxed paddling and exploration. A lightweight surf kayak with terrific responsiveness and enough speed to catch the big waves.

The Chesapeake kayaks are expedition touring boats that excel in rough water and steep seas.
The Chesapeake Kayaks are expedition touring boats that excel in rough water and steep seas.
Light and easily removable outrigger floats that turn a canoe or kayak into a formidable sailing boat or a stable fishing platform.
The Petrel is a responsive, lightweight cedar-strip kayak suitable for day trips in rough water, but equally at home poking into sheltered estuaries or exploring the shores of isolated coves.
Petrels are small birds that feed at sea by fluttering just above the swell with their feet tip-toeing across the water. I've been paddling my strip-planked Petrel for years in all kinds of conditions from relaxing explorations of quiet little coves to getting beat up by hurricane surf and tidal races.
This wooden strip-planked boat is derived from Nick Schade's Night Heron designs but it is shorter, has more rocker and has more reserve buoyancy in the ends.
The deck shape takes its cue from Greenlandic Inuit skin-on-frame designs with a sharp chine-like feature line on either side. The Petrel is intended as a day tripping boat and would not have the capacity for extended trips, but if you are a smaller paddler there is enough interior volume to carry a fair amount of gear. Nick Schade's book Building Strip Planked Boats (included with the cedar-strip kit) contains very detailed instructions on building the cedar-strip Petrel and is a must-have. The stitch-and-glue Petrel and Petrel Play are based on the original cedar-strip boat and built using the stitch-and-glue construction method.
For those wanting to obtain the other materials needed to build the boat from other sources, this option contains the pre-cut forms and strongback and the necessary plans to build the boat. As well as the plans, forms and strongback, 290 m of bead-and-cove cedar strips will be needed to build the cedar-strip Petrel. It is made of a strong laminate of Douglas Fir, Pine and a bit of Walnut in the blade for the warmth and aesthetic of wood. Guillemot Kayaks does not make kits, instead we have teamed up with the best suppliers in the business. Their years of experience producing and shipping kits assures you will get precision cut parts, reliable shipping, and excellent technical support. They are the sole UK and Eurepean manufacturing agents and distribute either through agents (if there is one in your country) or direct. These are the most versatile boats in our range: they can be paddled, rowed using a sliding seat or sailed. This wooden boat will carry a large paddler through rough conditions yet it is small enough to be easily handled by petite kayakers.

The boat has served me well and I get a lot of feedback from other Petrel builders and users who find the kayak helps make them feel like better paddlers. The moderately hard chine of the strip-planked Night Heron has been softened forward of the cockpit and transitions into a hard chine behind the cockpit. We have 54 wooden kayak designs that you can build from our plans: stitch-and-glue designs, strip-planked designs, and hybrid .
There is also a take-apart version which breaks in two for easy transportation and adjustable feather (straight or 65° left or right feather angle) with a lightweight carbon-fibre ferrule. Chesapeake Light Craft brings their expertise at manufacturing high quality small boat and kayak kits to producing Guillemot Kayak's designs. Over the years they have build up extensive experience about how best to ship delicate wooden boat panels across Europe. With a form inspired by the ancient Inuit inventors of kayaking, the Petrel will appeal to devoted Greenland-style paddlers without being intimidating to novice sea kayakers.
Like its bird namesake, the Petrel kayak is at home at sea where it can dance among the waves. The forward section provides smooth performance pushing out into waves and reduces the tendency to broach while surfing.
The side of the deck slopes in quickly so it is out of the way for paddle strokes close to the hull. When shopping for antiophthalmic factor kayak in that respect are respective things you call for to consider. The fore and aft cockpits on the Osprey Triple have been shifted to accommodate a third cockpit, which is great for kayaking with kids or for paddling with a dog (see video below).
At approximately 90% of its hull speed (when a kayak starts to produce a bow wake longer than its LWL) the effort required to continue accelerating radically increases.
For example, the shorter Arctic Tern 14 cruises with less effort than the longer AT-17 until the AT-14 reaches 4.91mph.
In general longer kayaks have higher top speeds and short kayaks have more efficient cruising speeds. The result is a lively boat that accelerates quickly to catch waves, carves down wave faces and manoeuvres easily.

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