Silverton Yachts are built by Silverton Marine, a company that was started on a very frigid December day back in 1969, by John and Warren Luhrs. What this means to you: You are working with a PROFESSIONAL yacht broker who knows the inherent value of the vessels and who knows their realistic market value. JW YACHTS wants to be your professional yacht broker – we like what we do and we do it well. I have always liked working with you and feel you are the best power boat broker in the country and give out your name whenever I can. JW Yachts has earned an international reputation for being a trawler specialist and is frequently called upon by surveyors, manufacturers, outside brokers and industry professionals who recognize the unique perspective that JW Yachts brings to the industry by offering broad spectrum knowledge and experience, as well as detailed information on specific manufacturers. Give us a call to find out how JW Yachts can help you find or sell your next trawler and long-range cruiser.
To help other builders, please list the boat you are building in the Thread Subject -- and to conserve space, please limit your posting to one thread per boat. Looks absolutely great from here If they are just pin holes you can probably fill them in with another round or so of primer. Hi, I hope you have not put your boat in the water without telling us - you are soooo close. In the nearly 50 years that have passed since then, Silverton yachts have become prized throughout the world.

We have extensive experience in both selling and marketing the following manufacturers: Bering Yachts, Cape Horn Trawlers, Cheoy Lee, Defever, Grand Banks, Hatteras, Kanter, Krogen, Linssen, Nordhavn, Sea Spirit and others. And that’s why we are proud of our success in making deals, keeping them together, and successfully closing…with satisfied parties on all sides.
JW YACHTS has sold approximately 100 trawlers and fast trawlers, all with happy and satisfied clients! We will not list boats by unrealistic sellers, nor vessels not in very good-excellent condition. JW Yachts was established in 2000 as the only yacht brokerage company specializing in trawler sales. Her advice has steered me away from many mistakes that I believe any other broker would simply have let me go ahead and make.
The company takes great pride in it's ability to preserve a tradition of craftsmanship and the fact that it has risen to become an acknowledged value leader in its class.
Our experience and market knowledge allow us to compare equipment, outfitting, and condition in assessing what a client should be paying for fair market value.
While buying a yacht is serious business, we believe the boat buying process should be combined with pleasurable boat shopping, educational fact finding, and confidence that you are being given devoted attention from a professional that has your best interests at heart.
Having sold approximately 100 trawlers during this period means that JW Yachts has had extensive experience, including sea trials and surveys, on most trawler manufacturers.

If you google her name, you'll find some of her many you'll find some of her many postings over the years in all sorts of trawler forums. Successful trawler sales have included Bering Yachts, Cape Horn Trawlers , Cheoy Lee, Grand Banks, Krogen, Linssen, Nordhavn, Sea Spirit, Yachtsmiths and most any quality long-range cruiser, whether a full displacement trawler or a “fast trawler,” whether fiberglass or a steel trawler.
I have had a hard time in the past sanding out all the orange peel with out sanding through the primer.
They continually invest in new technology, sophisticated design and manufacturing equipment, facilities, and most importantly in people with the same passion to excel that spurred John and Warren Luhrs.
Silverton Marine has come to be recognized as a premier mid-sized bridge-boat builder, whose tireless dedication has achieved unequalled performance, comfort, and value. Our goal is not in the number of boats sold, but in the proper match-making so that our clients use their yachts longer than the average boat owner.
They also believe that successful product lines evolve in response to changes in technology, boating habits, and owners’ wishes.

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