Europe Boat Trailer Manufacturer, View boat trailer, Sunway Trailer, Sunway Trailer Product Details from Fenghua Sunway Metal Industry Co., Ltd. Photographer Neil Rabinowitz takes us on a tour of the 20th annual Dubai International Boat Show, a very relaxing place to buy a boat.
Pampered in “pod” luxury aboard the plush first class of Emirates’ new non-stop from Seattle to Dubai, we rocketed in moonlight over the North Pole. Dubai aspires to be the Hong Kong of the Middle East and expects the International Boat Show—with 46 participating countries, 700 represented companies, and more than 300 attending boats—to have industry leaders from Asia to Miami re-thinking the Middle Eastern marine market. The show attracts numerous North American, European, and Asian manufacturers who market some of their most ambitious projects to the luxury Middle East market. Emirates, the airline juggernaut of the modern world (and a sponsor of the America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race, and other boating interests) agrees. Building, buying and selling here make sense to many attending the show, but hopes of establishing the region as a cruising destination are tempered by some big hurdles—like piracy. Despite security concerns there is an even more seductive allure for the high-end traveler than the promise of budding marine commerce flowing through the tax-free trading hub of Dubai: five-star status in all aspects of Dubai life. A casual socializing circle in the midst of the boat show is a great place for local boating enthusiasts to assemble for a smoke and chat about boats. With each wave of traditionally attired customers that strolled down the dock, there was a spike of pulse rates for exhibitors. Speed is one feature of more interest in Dubai than for the economy-minded boaters of the rest of the world; fuel prices are of less concern than the appeal of a refreshing breeze from high-speed running.
As the owner of DUBAI (until recently the largest yacht on the planet) and several offshore boats, chairman of Emirates Airlines, holder of several posh hotels, and the force behind the boat show itself, his Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum is an avid boater and sportsman who graced the show with a full entourage in dress regalia. The Dubai International Boat Show is held each year at this marina with launch service to nearby hotels and city services, walking distance from several five-star hotels, beaches, and a private runway. What began 20 years ago in a dusty outpost of the Arab world now brings the boating industry to a major cosmopolitan center, with a modern airline hub, a pedigree in the yachting world for marketing prowess and purchasing power, and the benefits of yacht transport companies that bring boats safely to the region. You’ve heard that “getting there is half the fun,” but you never expect it on a 14-hour flight.
YachtWorld Senior Photographer Neil Rabinowitz has photographed and written about all ends of the yachting world—racing, cruising and chartering—from the Caribbean to the South Pacific, and the Mediterranean to Alaska and the Pacific Northwest where he lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington.
The yacht underwent a refit at Derecktor in 2013, which included lengthening the hull, major mechanicals and full paint while the owners conducted a major interior renovation. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

Romantic visions of desert caravans beneath a crescent moon, framed by date palms as camels sat beside pools reflecting a star-studded sky, were all shattered by our first sight of the space-age airport and looming Dubai skyline. The company established Dubai as its worldwide hub linking Southeast Asia and Australia to Europe and North America. For those boating close to shore, or in the nearby reaches of the Arabian Sea, security is not so much of an issue.
Palatial hotels like the waterfront Hyatt or the urban-centered Shangri-La pride themselves on an almost sinful level of service day and night, luxuriously accommodating yachtsman and their land-based guests.
Companies from Europe included Heesen, Oceanco, Lurssen, Sunseeker, Abeking & Rasmussen, Feadship, and Benetti. Each entourage dispersed aboard the yachts with a methodical attention to detail, paying the same heed to racks of wakeboards and adrenalin boats as they did to megayachts and mid-range cruisers like Marquis.
Open offshore boats with three and four 300-hp outboards and a center console are the show’s biggest seller, with some locals purchasing fleets at a time for tenders and staging in various ports.
His older brother rules UAE, and their extended family claims the region and most of its properties, including the famed Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. The marina is “only” five-star, but the hotel claims to be the only seven-star hotel on the planet. However, after being wined and dined at the Dubai Airport’s Emirates club, I climbed into their “spoiled for life” first class for my return flight to Seattle and witnessed a majestic eight-hour sunset. Recognized as one of the best, Neil has produced more than 2000 magazine covers and numerous feature stories. Halcyon Yachts are meticulous and thorough and will take every step to ensure your boat arrives in the best possible condition. She arrived in the Med a few days ago, and was photographed by Giovanni Romero when she came into Gibraltar.
As if entering Disney’s Tomorrowland, we plunged into a dazzling urban future of skyscrapers, massive malls, Ferraris, five-star marinas, and palatial hotel resorts. But in the Straits of Hormuz and south toward the Seychelles and Maldives, even the 525-foot megayacht DUBAI, owned by the Sheikh himself, never cruises without a frigate escort.
World news links, broadband in every crevice, catered 24-hour dining , private limos, and service with a smile in an almost crime-free country, all add up to put Dubai hotels in a class by themselves. The sun kissing the horizon through a cobalt blend of biblical thunderheads, over the frozen landscape of the North Pole, staged a dramatic last scene, leaving behind the Arabian Gulf and the exotic desert shores of Dubai.
One would never know that this land of exotic cars and runway models has been ruled as a sheikdom for the past 180 years.

In a city that boasts an almost Vegas-like nightlife, the boat show stages nighttime entertainment and generally presents a very hospitable approach to shopping for boats. Clearly the Sheikh’s family loves toys, and they also want their passion for leisure to help inspire a boating industry and burgeoning tourism destination for this world-centric hotspot. Entourages of sheikhs wearing Jellabiyas (robes) and hijab-veiled women ghost along the docks, pausing for feasts of local foods with refreshing silver tea service at the various manufacturing booths. Reclining in souk style upon hand-woven kilim pillows to share a hookah, they smoke their way casually through some conversation about horsepower and boat handling features.
New and Used Boat ConsultancyAn experienced sailor can offer impartial advice, or even assist with a test sail.
Halcyon Yachts do not sail if the conditions are unsuitable, and will not charge extra whilst waiting for them to improve. Skippers are Commercially Endorsed Oceanmasters as a minimum, many are Yacht Master Instructors, and all are highly experienced and professional. Due to an exceptional reputation in the UK, Halcyon Yachts are now getting an increasing number of new clients from locations all over the world.
As it was early in the season (March), and the boat was new to us, my wife and I were a little hesitant to make the passage ourselves. We had no experience of using this sort of service so were a little unsure of what to expect. When the skipper arrived he was extremely friendly and got stuck straight in, helping with last minute jobs and even serviced some winches before going over her together and discussing the passage plan. We set off in strong winds and the skippers experience and knowledge became more than evident.
We had a great time and learnt far more from him than either of us ever expected to on the trip.
Halcyon were extremely professional to deal with and communication and organisation were excellent, no surprises at all. Its opened up new options for us and if we need a hand in future to move a boat with or without us onboard, we will not hesitate to use Halcyon in future.

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