Why Go: Cliffside villages reaching down to the sea - the views don’t get anymore breathtaking than this.
Essential Ports: Naples, Procidia, Ischia, Capri, Sorento, Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, Ponza and Palmarola.
Essential Experiences: The Amalfi drive with its hairpin turns, shopping for sandals at L’Arte del Sandalo Capresse (his designs have graced the feet of Jackie O and Sophie Loren), the Piazetta in Capri town, Caprese cuisine at da Paolino under the lemon trees and a tender circumnavigation around Capri, through the Grottos, caves and Faraglioni rocks.
Please Kindly see the Full Specification for an Overview about all the Work has been performed on this Beauty !!!
Designed by Legendary Marine Architect Bill Shaw, it bucked Contemporary Design Trends of the Time by focusing on a stated Purpose rather than following Fashionable Trends.

During the intensive 5 year restoration, performed by experienced and passionate specialists, everything you can Imagine is replaced and is brand new on this beauty.
Discovered by John during a visit to Sweden back in 1999 whilst searching for other designs by Tore Holm he stumbled across this original 1937 J-Class design by Tore Holm and Gustav Plym. Owned by the Watson family Hilary works away removing rotten runner fittings with his son Mungo also involved. It stressed Value, Style, quality and Performance combined with Efficiency at a moderate cost. The results were a solid fiberglass hull, good sailing characteristics and spacious accommodations.

Sail to nearby Capri on one of our Mediterranean yacht charters and take in its beautiful scenery, famous Blue Grotto and dramatic Faraglioni Rocks which will always beckon a jet-set and sophisticated traveller. A traditional profile that emphasized progressive design coupled with ease of sailing for the owner made this a popular model.

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