June 20, 2014, in the glamorous Mediterranean yacht charter destination – Monaco, was marked by the official opening of the new Yacht Club de Monaco building. Monaco yacht charter destination is renowned as the sun drenched playground of the rich and famous on the French Riviera, headed by a 700-yearold Royal dynasty, mainly financed by an elegant casino and home to a superyacht marina brimming with billions of dollars of the best yachts money can buy. At Monaco’s hub is the Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM), traditionally presided over by the head of state, in this case for 30 years by the accomplished sailor Prince Albert II, who succeeded his late father Prince Rainier with ambitions to morph Monaco into the world’s premier yachting destination. So, on 20 June, 2014 Prince Albert presided over the opening of YCM’s stunning new building, a gleaming 200 m long, five storied, 1300 high society member (66 nationalities) showcase. Designed to evoke a ship moored in the (also new) marina, YCM is a living monument to contemporary chic and design.
The lounge, living areas and reception rooms feature the Fendi Casa contemporary collection with Soho and Metropolitan sofas, Serengeti tables with matching Blixen chairs and small Colombus tables.
Prince Albert’s spacious office features a rectangular Margutta sycamore and ebony table imbedded with a stylized Fendi logo. At the heart of the interior is a monumental spiral staircase with links to all parts of the building. Behind the scenes the building is powered by renewable energy and incorporates photovoltaic cells, solar thermal panels and sea water cooling systems to take advantage of Monaco’s year round sun and waterfront site.
Below the club is the new YCM Marina, capable of accommodating everything from small sailing boats to 26 births for 25-60 metre super yachts. One reason for such activity is the huge number of yacht races now attracted to Monaco by its facilities and promotion as a yachting centre of excellence. Riva’s 172-year history is inextricably intertwined with Monaco’s yachting centuries of sailing narrative.
The only lounge named in the building is the Riva Aquarama Lounge, in homage to the mahogany topped runabouts made famous by royalty and celebrities such as Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Peter Sellers, Richard Burton and Aristotle Onassis, amongst many. Today Riva owners are much more discrete, but there still many of them and a good proportion belong to YCM. Whatever the cost to Monaco and the 1600 members (300 on the waiting list) YCM is a pleasing architectural addition to the principality’s famously crowded, cluttered landscape overlooking the possibly world’s most famous luxury yacht marina.
The project, the result of an exclusive partnership between two absolute leaders in the global nautical industry, involves the creation of an exclusive space, inspired by the elegance and timeless style of the legendary Riva Aquarama yacht tender, which will be located on the top floor of Sir Norman Foster’s masterpiece, the new venue of the Yacht Club de Monaco. A space completely dedicated to the Italian brand and intended to host the over 1,300 members of the YCM, located on the top floor of Sir Norman Foster’s masterpiece, the used venue of the Yacht Club de Monaco. The project, the result of an exclusive partnership between Ferretti Group and the YCM, has fulfilled the dream of a contemporary space designed with the same elegance as the legendary Riva Aquarama superyacht tender. The Riva lounge, which will be inaugurated on 20 June, is the most precious piece of a mosaic that sees the Riva brand by Ferretti Group, an icon of the global nautical industry, expand into used spaces and territories, such as interior design with “searching light”, the iconic table light presented at the last Milan Furniture Show, inspired by the Riva boats of the ’60s. The Ferretti Group, one of the top world players in the design, construction and sale of motor yachts, with an amazing portfolio of the most exclusive and prominent brands worldwide, will be present at the 2014 boot Dusseldorf, displaying six yacht models of its fleet. In partnership with its historic dealers Lengers Yachts and Poroli Special Boats, the Group will put on display as a premiere for the German market Ferretti 690 yacht by Ferretti, together with the models Rivale, Aquariva Super yacht tender and one historic unit of Aquarama Special for the prestigious brand Riva.
On the occasion of this edition, it will also be possible to have a look at the crafts of the Group during the late opening of Boot, scheduled on Tuesday 21st January, when the booths will be open to be visited by the guests of the gala event that will take place at the exclusive Blue Motion Lounge. Furthermore, for the 2014 edition, Ferretti Group will present a series of side initiatives: Poroli Special Boats has prepared a corner by Riva at the exclusive Steigenberger Hotel, where guests and visitors can get to know in details the history of the world famous brand Riva. Riva, the iconic Italian boat brand, part of the Ferretti Group, attended the very first Bund Classic, the first Concours d’Elegance in China, which took place in Shanghai from October 18 to 20, 2013.

Riva took this opportunity to present both vintage and new models designed and crafted by the 170-year old brand. Almost simultaneously was brought to life a restoration of 1968 Riva conjointly with Lamborghini. This exclusive yacht was born as a unique hull specifically ordered by Ferruccio Lamborghini, who asked to replace the American V8 engines, normally installed by the historical boatyard (established in Sarnico, on Lake Iseo, back in 1842), with the V12 engines produced by his Company. This was bound to be the prelude to an outstanding outcome, that will remain unique in history.
Following Ferruccio Lamborghini’s death in 1993, the custom-made Riva Aquarama seemed to have disappeared.
The restoration, which has taken 3 years, has now given back to third millennium the fastest Aquarama ever built.
Based in Uithoorn, Holland, Riva-World, specializing in restoration of the legendary Riva wooden boats, has beautifully restored the iconic Riva Aquarama hull no. Designed by British architect Lord Norman Foster, renowned for his hi-tech environmentally friendly approach, the new building resembles a sailing yacht, and is sited below the Casino de Monte Carlo and above the F1 Grand Prix circuit. The main designers are British (Lord Foster) and French, Jacque Grange, who designed much of the interior, albeit with Italy’s Fendi Casa providing many of the furnishings.
Matching Ripetta chairs contribute to an atmosphere of sheer elegant, fit, yes, for a Prince. The flag bedecked atrium has views across Monte Carlo harbor to the former YCM and the Prince’s Palace of Monaco. LED light, state of the art systems to manage energy, waste and water use and points to recharge electric cars are all included in the design. For example, in July 2014 the Solar 1 Monte-Carlo Cup, the first solar powered completion in the open Mediterranean Sea is to be held. Riva’s largest agency, run by Lia Riva, great, great granddaughter of the founder Pietro Riva and daughter of 92-year-old Carlo Riva, creator of the most famous Riva, the Aquarama; sits next to the former YCM site.
The cost of the building was met by the principality and membership fees are carefully kept secret. They evolved naturally together for sixty years, from the first floating dock, by Carlo Riva, supported by Prince Rainier III, to the creation of the 100 m tunnel dug out of the rock, to keep the temperature of the boats constant in winter, like the methods used for fine wines.
The event, representing one of the most exclusive showcases of the European boating industry, will be held from January 18 to 26, 2014. In addition, Pershing 64’ for the brand Pershing and Dolphin 44’ for the brand Mochi Craft will also be on display.
Besides that, two windows at the entrance of the Sarar boutique on the Konigsallee, one of the most elegant German boulevards, will display a scale model of Aquarama superyacht tender by Riva for the whole duration of the Boat Show. On the occasion of this edition we will put on display as a premiere for the German market one of the new models of the brand Ferretti, Ferretti Yachts 690, together with some of the most successful models of our brands Pershing, Riva, and Mochi Craft” - declared Ferruccio Rossi, Ferretti Group’s CEO. Organized by China Rendez-Vous, the creator of Hainan Rendez-Vous, Bund Classic represents a new platform, created to reinforce and share the passion for classic cars in China. Bund Classic was also an opportunity for Riva to meet existing or prospective owners in an original and elegant atmosphere, in Shanghai’s Bund area.
Though not ordered by the famous shipyard directly, this restoration work makes date and continues to place Riva as a genuine heritage brand whose timeless glamour drives it forward.
It was found again by chance in a boat depot several years later by a Dutch yachting enthusiast.

278 yacht tender now boasts new engine, based on that of a Lamborghini Islero, with elements of a 350GT. The marina is alive with busy Riva Aquarama runabouts and other larger motor and sailing yachts of various sizes. Another is the Classic Yachting 15M IR Challenge, held at the time of the opening, of four beautifully preserved 15M Class wooden sailing yachts. This lounge, designed by one of the biggest names in architecture, gives the used, fantastic venue of the most prestigious yacht club in the world an extra touch of exclusivity. We are really proud that our two worlds have met in this used scenario, sharing their expertise to create a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere. Finally, a scale model of Riva 86’ superyacht Domino will be on display in a window of the famous Jades boutique, on Breite Stra?e. Sandro Zani, a young Riva yachts restorer who has managed to turn his passion into his job, decided to take the ambitious restoration project into his own hands. Ordered by Ferruccio Lamborghini in early 1968, this spectacular boat was originally fitted with a pair of Lamborghini V12’s modified for marine use by the Lamborghini factory. YCM’s large windows and deck like terraces allow unrivalled views of the many major sailing races now attracted to Monaco.
The Venture Cup powerboat race pays homage to the 1972 London to Monaco endurance powerboat race over 2750 nautical miles.
So, I’m particularly proud to be able to inaugurate such an important space for the Ferretti Group, the YCM and the global nautical industry.
This is a satisfaction that I want to share with the women and men, boat owners and talents that built the legendary Riva over the years, starting from its founder, the engineer Carlo Riva” – commented the lawyer Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group. In less than a year, wood boards that had been used since Hawaiians invented the sport were obsolete.Alter's timing couldn't have been better. The following year, the movie "Gidget" introduced the nation to a fun-loving California subculture. All got their names on "signature" Hobie surfboards a€” another business innovation that spurred sales.The Hobie brand dominated the surfboard business into the 1970s.
Today, the foam-core board remains the standard for an industry Alter arguably helped create more than half a century ago."He is one of the pillars on which the sport of surfing is built upon," said Steve Pezman, a surfing historian and publisher of the Surfer's Journal.
He'd get interested in something, see how it could be improved and go make a better version of it. Sailing shouldn't be that hard, he thought.After more than a year of experimentation, Alter unveiled the Hobie Cat. The 14-foot catamaran was light enough for one person to carry and small enough to tow or even strap onto a car roof."He totally democratized sailing," Holmes, Alter's biographer, said. But then you could get a fully rigged Hobie 14 for $999 a€” with the trailer."At first dismissed as a flimsy toy by the sailing establishment, the relatively inexpensive Hobie Cat was fast, easy to maneuver and wildly popular with beginning sailors.

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