We arrived at the Marquesa Islands in May, cruised through French Polynesia to Tahiti and then on to Samoa, Fiji, and finally arrived in New Zealand in November 2009. Increasing ill-health, the death of Andrew's mother early in 2012, and the impossibility of returning to England via the Suez Canal due to piracy in the Indian Ocean, combined to force a decision to sell in Sydney and end our cruise after 37,000 miles.
General Comments:The 44' express design is the fourth boat I have collaborated with Memory Yachts on, first the 38', then the Displacement 43', a 29' Express, and now the new 44 Express. The beam is less than that of most contemporary yachts, and this is for a number of reasons.
Her bottom is a modern modified-V, with deadrise decreasing from 23 degrees amidships to 12 degrees at the transom. The hull and deck are molded fiberglass, the interior layout and bulkhead placement are owner's choice. From there we sailed to Tonga, Fiji (again), and New Caledonia, where we joined the Port2Port Rally to Bundaberg, Australia arriving in October, and from there to Sydney to see the famous New Year firework display.

A shoulder operation for Lyn scheduled in June 2012 meant we could not even cruise to the Australian Barrier Reef. According to Roberts, all four have strong historical ties, economical performance, and, of course, beauty. I have used shallow propeller pockets to reduce draft, and the hull incorporates a molded keel for running gear protection. She is intended as a coastal cruiser with good accommodation for two over long periods, and there is room for two occasional guests. She will be comfortable along shore in all weather, and "stand out" beautiful in any harbor. We cruised the Caribbean to Cuba from October 2006 to March 2007, and then up the eastern USA seaboard to New York in June. Twelve feet of beam would have been considered only a little fat for a 44' boat in the 1920's.

Her deckhouse is a wonderful place to be, with large opening windows on all four sides and double doors opening onto the covered aft cockpit.
From there our route took us along the Erie Canal and through the Great Lakes, ending at Chicago in October 2007. Early in 2009 we continued south into Mexico, reaching Barra de Navidad at the end of March, from where we headed out into the Pacific.

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