Exclusive & Luxury Yacht Charter - Private Yacht Charter Capri, Sorrento, Naples and Amalfi Coast. Amalfi Sails is a leading company in the field of private yacht charter and is professionally qualified in the rental of motor boats to the island of Capri and the surrounding area, such as the Amalfi Coast, the Sorrento Peninsula and the entire Gulf of Naples. Get in touch with Amalfi Sails for your low-cost sailing holidays: with our competitive rates you can plan your trip by choosing from a myriad of activities.
Island Marine Rentals Florida offering thrilling marine rentals which includes 24' Avalon Tropic Tri-Toon Boat. The Gulf of Naples is an inlet that extends for many kilometers and which includes all the territory ranging from Monte di Procida to Punta Campanella. The city of Naples gives its name to this immense and wonderful gulf, and it is at sea where we find the most characteristic monuments and its enviable waterfront.
Amalfi Sails takes you on a trip around the entire Gulf of Naples following an intense itinerary via sea.
We can pick up our clients from any location to begin their tour of the Gulf of Naples and during your excursion you can stop to bathe in the quieter areas and have lunch in the tastiest restaurants of the area.
The Isle of Capri is enclosed in the territory of the majestic Gulf of Naples and opposite the coasts of karst origines appears the entire Sorrento Peninsula. The Faraglioni are the characteristic rocks that are situated on the coast of Capri and have become increasingly known for ad campaigns and commercials (Dolce & Gabbana, for example). Amalfi Sails offers you the most exciting views of the Isle of Capri from a completley different perspective, the sea. Usually a complete tour of the island takes about 3 hours and during your trip you can stop to bathe in the quieter areas and have lunch in one of the tastiest restaurants of the island.

The Isle of Capri and its natural colors exude a unique appeal, but the show reaches its peak in the last hour of the day, when the sun goes sets straight over the sea. The new, easy-operation fleet is equipped with life jackets, cruise chart and safety equipment including GPS positioning for your added safety.
Our company aim is to offer original and exclusive travel suggestions, and to offer the greatest number of services to our customers who wish to spend their days on board a dream yacht!
You are free to book boat excursions, sightseeing cruises, special events and sea transfers. Between these two points therefore we find the Gulf of Pozzuoli, all the provinces of Naples and the shoreline of Mount Vesuvius, the Sorrento Coastline and the island of Capri, Ischia and Procida. We organize private tours, group trips and sightseeing tours by boat and all the beautiful landscapes that surround it. We remind you that with Amalfi Sails you can include on board (with a small extra fee) an English speaking guide. The morphological structure of Capri is articulated and irregular on its surface due to interior highlands and high mountains: the most popular is known by the name of Anacapri. The Blue Grotto follows with the same popularity, a cavity partially submerged by the sea, which owes its name to the magical electric blue lighting underwater when illuminated by the light from the outside. We organize private tours, group trips and sightseeing tours by boat to get to know the most beautiful and lesser-known areas that deserve, equally, a visit. We remind you that with Amalfi Sails you can include on board (for a small fee) an English speaking guide. Amalfi Sails with our customers will leave for a mini private cruise along the Amalfi Coast that will lead, ultimately, to Capri and its magnificent sunset.

See luxurious mansions from the water, enjoy lunch at beautiful Marco Island, take the family fishing in Naples’ calm bay all at your own pace or enjoy the beach for a swim or shelling experience. When visiting the ares, there is nothing better than viewing the beautiful coastline by sea, illuminated by the warm summer sun, and the best and most relaxing choice is to book a boat tour complete with a skipper on board, ready to assist your every need!
Needless to say, we are talking about a super active coastal strip that has several tourist and commercial marinas.
The karstic island has allowed, over the years, the emergence of numerous cliffs, coves, inlets and natural caves. Our routes include the whole island tour with the following steps: Marina Grande, Marina Caterola, Tiberio's jump, the White Grotto, Cala Matermania, Rock Monacone with Villa Malaparte, the Faraglioni, Marina Piccola, the Lighthouse of Punta Carena, the Cave of the Saints, the Grotta Rossa, the Green Grotto, Cala di Mezzo, Cala del Rio, the Blue Grotto of Tiberius and the popular swimming spot Bagno di Tiberio. Our staff, in fact, are made up of experienced sailors, professional assistants and an english speaking tour guide  who will, upon request, tell you all about our beautiful coastline. The overall scenario has a unique protagonist which is the magnificent profile of Mount Vesuvius, followed by the south Lattari mountains and Mount Epomeo on the island of Ischia.
These were attacked by the Romans, during the period of their sumptuous Empire, to build royal palaces and villas. Aside from the three islands, the Gulf of Naples includes numerous other islets that are a large part of Campania. The symbols that excel among the general scenario and the Mediterranean vegetation of Capri are the Faraglioni rock formations and the Blue Grotto.

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