Jet ski rentals, boat rentals and kayak rentals are all available at Holgate H2O Sports in Long Beach Island NJ.
Products or Services: Charter Sailboats, Banana Boat, Boat Rental And Leasing Services, Luxury Boat Charter and Luxury Yacht Charters. Route 72 Waverunner and Kayak is located at Long Beach Island and provides jet ski rentals and kayak rentals in LBI. Fishing Boat Rentals, like the Miss Beach Haven offer boat rides and you can find boat rentals as well.

These smooth sailing and slow-moving boats are perfect for sightseeing, cruising around beautiful LBI, and family outings or group parties.
Enjoy the sights and sounds of Long Beach Island, NJ and have a chance to soak it all in while gliding across the clear blue sea!
We provide all of our customers with full instructions and safe boating rules for all of our rentals. We add new boats to our fleet often and always keep our selection of pontoon boat rentals clean and ready for your next trip to the shore!

Our pontoon boats are all Coast Guard approved, and we provide life jackets, which are required to be worn.
Rent our pontoon boats by the half day or the full day; we give you the option of a short trip around the bay or an afternoon exploring the beautiful island.

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