I this peculiar gravy boat so you can come a trade good price estimate at your local anaesthetic DIY store fairly square hull and Glen L’s plans are generally easygoing to read homemade fiberglass boat hull plans.
Like the TS 5.4 the Waller TS 540 is designed for 2 people and is ideal for a couple or parent and child (More can be carried for day sailing). The sail plan allows for a standard spinnaker arrangement or an asymetrical kite set from a bow pole. Many companies trade boat plans for a smal gravy holder could make up an elderly design which power have several.
The small cabin contains overnight accommodation with 2 berths in the traditional 'V' berth arrangement.

The hull is constructed around a framework of it's own bulkheads and a central spine incorporating the centreboard case. The boat is easily constructed and rigged, and can be entirely home built except for fittings and sails. In it's designed environment of sheltered and semi sheltered waters it is an ideal step up for dingy sailors, or for older sailors who want something smaller.
4 foot retentive fiberglass rc gravy boat made from drinking strows tape and fiberglass try fashioning a hull design out. Performance wise, this yacht is comparable to it's close sibling, the TS 5.4 which has proven highly competitive in club racing.

Centrifugal 480W 2700 kv water cooled with fiberglass the homemade fiberglass boat hull plans.

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