One of the highlights of our water test session, and perhaps the most sought after boat was Yamaha’s newest jet-powered offering, the AR192 Sportboat.
The two larger sizes are twin-engine powered while the four nineteen-foot models are powered by single engines.
So now you know that the AR192 we water tested that rather dreary, overcast day in Muskoka had the standard wakeboard tower and the supercharged engine, and just for the record, had the red hull colour option, one of two choices, the other colour choice being black. In what Yamaha calls this Super High Output supercharged 192 model, our own tests that day with two adults aboard and with about three-quarters showing on the fuel gauge, we achieved a top speed of exactly 50 mph (using GPS) at 7500 RPM on this high-revving, sweet sounding engine. Saving perhaps the best to the last, most notable standard features include a two-tier swim platform covered with Hydro-Turf® mats and with the lower section positioned just off the water and complete with an underside-mounted stainless steel, telescoping boarding ladder and with the upper section containing a wet storage compartment and an access port providing quick and easy inspection and cleaning access to the direct-drive jet drive.
Finally, for an additional adrenaline rush, and only if you’re an experienced driver and at no more than half-throttle, try cranking the steering alternately lock-to-lock and experience the phenomenal turn-on-a-dime capabilities of this fun to drive boat. S'il vous plait entrer un nom de villel ou code postal et selectionnez la ville de votre choix.
The one constant in Yamaha watercraft over the years has been their rock solid reliable engine performance. At the helm on the FX Cruiser SHO you will find a single gauge with digital multi-function display screens on either side of it. The 2012 FX Cruiser SHO boasts a new larger stern along with a newly designed, and larger re-boarding step that extends deeper into the water than most other watercraft. These four nineteen-foot models (nineteen feet, two inches to be precise) are the AR192 subject of this review, the SX192, AR190, and SX190. If you want an extreme adrenalin rush, simply find a clear stretch of water, ensure that the steering is pointed straight ahead and the safety engine-kill lanyard is attached to you (as it should be along with the wearing of PFD’s at all times in any small open or performance boat), let any passengers know what you are about to do so they can be prepared to hang on, and then gently and firmly push the throttle full forward. Yamaha also claims about 48 mph top speed for this supercharged 192 version compared to about 42 to 43 mph top speed for the naturally aspirated 190 version, but the difference seems even more pronounced, and especially in acceleration between the two. Also notable is the standard 3-position No Wake Mode™ control plus Cruise Assist control at the helm.

Now in 2012, the overall design and styling is finally catching up with their mechanical expertise. Each hull is created in Yamaha’s closed molded process resulting in smooth, flawless, and exact hulls, decks and liners every time, which Yamaha claims, significantly reduces overall weight, while increasing strength and improving fuel economy. This is one fast watercraft, rated at 210-hp, that according to Yamaha, has actually been de-tuned below it’s full capacity. These displays allow the driver to monitor information regarding fuel consumption, water temperature and other various performance related specs.
To move the lever into the reverse position, simply depress a safety latch and pull up and back. There is a large watertight storage compartment located in the bow, as well as a separate storage compartment situated abaft of the helm, containing a removable insert that also serves as a cup holder.
It’s a powerful watercraft that performs well and with the available Yacht Blue or Carbon Metallic paint jobs, it looks good doing it. Yamaha offers twelve models of jet-powered, or more specifically what Yamaha refers to as its Internal Propulsion System, boats for 2013 in three sizes – nineteen, twenty-one, and almost twenty-four feet. How much more, Yamaha won’t say, as it does not publish horsepower figures for any of its jet boats, but enough more that the difference in performance, especially in hole-shot, between the 190 and 192 is noticeable and remarkable. The resulting thrust and g-forces will pin you right back in the well padded and comfortable driver’s seat as you instantly plane out and quickly throttle back to catch up with yourself and the goings on around you. But this new supercharged 192 series comes with other standard amenities to make it stand out from its naturally aspirated 190 series siblings. Standard features include Yamaha's award-winning Articulating Keel, specious stern lounge, Bimini top and trailer - all at no extra cost. This FX Cruiser SHO features a very distinctive new hull design, punctuated by an overall more aggressive and angular look.
The rear half of the seat is removable, allowing access to another waterproof storage area, which also features a fully removable waterproof container.

The seats are tiered, allowing the riders a better line of site by placing them a little higher than the driver. The hardest thing will be to wipe that smile off your face and try to stop giggling to yourself. These features include premium snap-in cockpit carpeting, bow filler insert cushions, stainless steel cupholders (9 in all), an integrated removable cooler chest stored under the lounge seat, premium stereo speakers, an in-dash depth finder, stainless steel rub rails, and pop-up cleats. During testing, the advantages of these features were very obvious, resulting in excellent straightline tracking and solid stability when executing high speed turns and cornering. In such a large watercraft it was not surprising to see that there is a lot of room to work in and around the engine compartment, which is certainly appreciated when it comes time to perform regular maintenance. When this machine was put into neutral it performed exactly as advertised and didn’t creep forward or backwards at all.
There is a wet storage compartment located in the rear of the craft, which features a newly designed hatch with a cut out at the top, allowing a tow-line to remain attached while the compartment is closed. The new hull kept this craft on track and eliminated any slipping or skidding while turning.
Our 30,000 square foot facility offers customers the pleasure of being able to view marine and powersports vehicles in a comfortable, indoor environment. Trim can be adjusted on the port side of the handlebar simply by depressing a lever and twisting either up or down to adjust the jet pump nozzle accordingly. The showroom features over 40 boats on display at all times as well as a minimum of 100 Yamaha Waverunners, motorcycles, ATVs and Side-by-Sides, snowmobiles, outboard motors, and generators. We are conveniently located at 1982 Commerce Park Drive in Innisfil, just south of the Innisfil Beach Road Exit off Highway 400N.

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