Sporty and comfortable, the new 2013 yamaha 242 limited s is one of the fanciest boats built by the japanese manufacturers.
Yamaha has wisely included a few key convenient features that allow the operator to easily and effectively manipulate the speed and power of this watercraft.
Further manipulation of this craft’s speed is made possibly via the reverse lever, located on the starboard side, just below the handlebars.
The instrumentation console features a main gauge as well as a digital display on the port side. Storage aboard the FX HO is abundant and easily accessible with over 113 litres (30 gallons) of available space. The newly designed seating is sleeker and smoother giving the craft an overall sportier look and feel.
While the FX HO definitely delivers in the power and performance department, it’s certainly no slouch when it comes to overall looks and style. The unique combination of a fishing-friendly layout and the internal propulsion system provides 360 degrees of wide-open access to everything you love on the water, like fishing, tubing and relaxing. Coincidentally enough, those same words also aptly describe the style and performance of Yamaha’s new 2012 FX HO.

The full keel and full-length outer chines kept this watercraft on track, resulting in excellent straightline tracking and quick responsive turning. There are function buttons located beneath the handlebars that allow the operator to scroll through a variety of settings and performance monitoring features that are viewable on the digital display. The forward storage compartment is the largest and has a rubber gasket to prevent anything placed inside from getting wet. The larger stern and re-boarding platform are well integrated into the new aggressive looking hull and deck design. So whether you’ll be floating like a butterfly or stinging across the water like a bee is entirely up to you.
This top-of-the-line FSH model is packed with features, including a T-top over the centre console. So every hull, deck and liner are all produced flawlessly without any ribs or visible structural inconsistencies.
By pushing the lever forward it will engage a new neutral feature, putting the craft into a holding pattern until further adjustments are made. Another storage compartment is located just in front of the driver, while the rear half of the seat is removable allowing access to the second largest waterproof storage compartment onboard.

Also located at the stern is a very large re-boarding step that extends well into the water allowing for easier boarding. Apart from the cosmetic advantages of this process, Yamaha also claims that it reduces overall weight, while increasing strength and improving fuel economy.
The neutral feature works extremely well and when it was engaged and tested there was no forward or backwards movement of the craft whatsoever.
Finally there is a small wet storage locker beneath the tow point at the rear of the boat for storing a tow-line and even features a convenient cut-out which allows the tow-line to remain connected while being stowed inside. Furthermore, the trim settings of the FX HO are easily adjusted by twisting either up or down, while depressing a lever on the port side of the handlebar. The handlebars are fully adjustable allowing the driver to raise or lower them to whatever height feels most comfortable. Yamaha 242 limited s (2015) the yamaha watercraft group has brought several innovations to the market with its 2015 240 series of jet boats which includes the 242.

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