Yamaha expands the successful V MAX SHO family to include the 115-horsepower segment - where smaller boats and other craft play. When you need to explore the shallow stuff, the F60 Jet Drive (40hp) is the perfect midrange outboard. A few years ago Yamaha rocked the world of boating by introducing the first V6 four-stroke outboard.
Our marine-specific, two cylinder, single overhead camshaft design features a new cylinder block and head to enhanced performance, durability and economy.
A new iteration of the popular F150 joins the in-line four family offering even better reliability, easier fishing, quieter operation and an improved appearance.

The T50, part of Yamaha's specially-designed High Thrust series, gives you added torque for pushing heavier boats. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. And it's every bit a V MAX SHO, compact, lightweight and capable of performance typically associated with two strokes, but with the convenience and quiet of a four stroke. It's power-packed, compact, quiet, lightweight, and efficient - as much as 30% more fuel-efficient than a conventional 2-stroke. It's a powerful, fuel-efficient and incredibly versatile 4-stroke engine - the perfect choice for family runabouts, deck boats, pontoons and more.

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