This morning Mike sets up the Cardinal 300 CDRBP Folding RIB to show you just how easy it is to get a dinghy ready for your next adventure.
Mike puts a new out of the box Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid together to show just what’s involved.
The Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid is probably the most used boat in water rescue and for exploration missions. I get alot of calls every day from people who want to know how to assemble an inflatable boat. Note if you are installing the seat on your boat be sure and install it before you get it up to pressure or you will have a hard time. While you are stretching your boat for the first assembly lay out, the floorboards, stringers, oars and seat.
The classic Bombard Typhoon shape and performance with maintenance free aluminum floorboards. Things that make this easier, that we didn’t do, is to stretch the boat without floorboards on a brand new boat, as well as spray soapy water around the tube to floor fabric seam to let the new floorboards slide into place.
Since I was breaking out a new Zodiac Zoom 450 SP AL for the showroom I figured this was as good a time as any to take some pics and write a few words on inflatable boat assembly.
Remove your boat from it’s bag or box, unroll it and inflate it without the floorboards.
Install the forward bow board into the hull making sure it’s seated against the forward seam and the keel tube is centered in the keel valve access hole.

Add remaining floor boards (the number of floor boards will vary from boat model to boat model) leaving the last board out to form a teepee. Add the last floorboard to the boat and fix one end into the tongue and groove leaving the other end to overlap the remaining end. Install your stringers (the extruded metal floorboard locking pieces) over the floorboard joints.
Inflate your boat to shape equally in each chamber starting at the bow and working your way aft. The inflator operates in two stages which can be identified by the noise of the turbine at the beginning followed by the piston. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
Unpack and inspect your contents, you should have a boat, foot pump, oars, oar locks, a bag, 1 seat bench, 2 stringers, floorboards, patch kit. Mike is using the 12volt auto inflation pump available from IBC to inflate this airfloor model and recommends it to any inflatable boat owner.
Wearing the same color palate as it’s bigger brothers Bombard Typhoon 420 ALU and Bombard Typhoon 470 ALU. The Cardinal CDRBP 300 features a flat inside deck, deep vee hull, generous d-rings and Leafield valves, two aluminum seats, and lifting points as standard equipment. A new out of the box boat will fight you for the first assembly so just have patience and if possible a helping hand.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Floorboards with included Zodiac Floor Channel System allows for many accessories to be used expanding mission capabilities even greater.
Do not inflate to full pressure on any single chamber until all chambers are to shape equally. The valve caps are the actual air seal on the boat so ensure they are in place prior to getting underway. During inflation, the left hand side of LCD screen should show the pressure that the inflator has reached. Our extensive line includes inflatable toys ,  beach items , inflatable advertising and promotional items such as swim ring ,mattress, bouncing castle ,inflatable sofa ,seat cushion , pillow, shower curtain, surfboard , PVC weld bag , sewing bag and camping mat etc. This allows for easy assembly the first time (easier anyway), the first time assembly is the toughest. The Bombard Typhoon 310 ALU goes together easy but performs like more expensive sport boat models. All inflatable sports boatsmodels are equipped standard with an inflatable keel and high pressure inflatable floor, aluminumfloor, plywood floor or slatted board. Easily stowed in the included carry bag, these inflatablesports boats feature numerous options that increase the safety and comfort of performance.

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