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American Woodworker magazine was acquired by F+W Media (parent company of Popular Woodworking) in 2014.
Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. We don't cut nearly as much as our competitors, but we take extra time and care handling the logs and only buy fresh cut logs.

The most important thing to realize about wood is just because it is dried correctly down to 6 and 7 percent moisture content, doesn't mean it will stay there after it is pulled from the kiln and piled in an open warehouse. Their logs are usually not end coated when they are fresh cut, you may get end-checked wood.
You cannot control the weather and take the risk of over drying, re-wetting by rain, or under drying.

You don't see those surface checks after the wood has dried because the checks have closed up.

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