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The post Free Lunch Box with Backpack Purchase at Toys R Us appeared first on Free Stuff Finder. Welcome to Couponing to Disney where I teach you how to find money in your family's budget to pay for things you thought were out of your reach (like a trip to Disney!). Through July 20th, Toys R Us is offering a FREE lunchbox when you purchase a backpack priced $12.99 or higher both in stores and online.
Last year they had 20% off when you traded in your old backpack, along with the free lunchbox with purchase of backpack 12.99 or more.
My Princess has been talking about this Barbie Sisters Cruise Ship for months now and every time we go into Walmart she talks about the Cruise Ship. About Melanie RobertsFlorida Blogger, German Descendant, Travel Addicted, Recipe Developer, Pet Enthusiast, Mom of Three. I did order this, so along with another Barbie deal I snagged at Target a few weeks ago, I think Christmas shopping for my daughter is nearly done. Beginning Friday (July 17), reservations can be made for the Ice Palace Boutique, a wintry salon at Disneya€™s Hollywood Studios where young guests can get a€?Frozena€?-themed makeovers. Although this is the first time Walt Disney World has opened a salon dedicated to Frozen experiences, it is not the first time Anna and Elsa makeovers have been offered at the resort. Later in 2014, when merchandise levels caught up with the demand for all things a€?Frozen,a€? both Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique locations (inside World of Disney at Downtown Disney and inside Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom) added the costumes to their choices for Disney Princess makeovers as part of the Castle Packages. If your child is wrapped up in the magic of Frozen, the new Ice Palace packages might be just the experience to make his or her day unforgettable. Now, the Sing-Along Edition of Disney's "Frozen" DVD is poised to hit shelves in less than two weeks (Nov.
The Taubman malls will house interactive Ice Palaces where guests can sing "Let it Go" just like Elsa, or one of many other songs from the Sing-Along DVD, while experiencing a simulated snowfall. Each Ice Palace will have a gift shop that will sell the original "Frozen" DVD, Disney's "Frozen" Sing-Along DVD, themed dress-up items and plush toys.
Shopping centers with the Frozen Ice Palaces also will offer the opportunity to visit with Santa Claus.
It's that time again -- the time when parents jam the aisles at discount and office-supply stores to purchase items off long lists of school supplies for their children for the upcoming school year. This year, I would expect there are a lot of "Frozen" fans who are looking for backpacks depicting the royal sisters Anna and Elsa or Olaf the Snowman. Little girls are able to find Elsa and Anna costumes, but it looks as though the backpacks may be another story. Kohl's offers a Frozen backpack and lunchbox set that display images of Elsa and Anna for about $30. The best deals can be found at Toys 'R' Us, if you are not picky about the size of the backpacks. Toys 'R' Us also carries a backpack like the one sold at Target that includes Olaf in the design. Toys 'R' Us also offers a third small "Frozen"-themed backpack depicting Anna and Elsa for about $15. More than seven months after the big-screen release of "Frozen," the demand for all things related to the movie still is overwhelming at Walt Disney World.
About a month ago, the meet-and-greet for Anna and Elsa was moved from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom in an effort to tame the outrageously long wait times to meet the film's stars. In another attempt to accommodate the eager "Frozen" fans, Disney officials this week have extended the hours that the royal sisters will greet guests at the Magic Kingdom. Norway's darlings also have a new role in the Festival of Fantasy Parade, which debuted in March. Still, "Frozen" fans want more opportunities to interact with the movie's characters when they are at the epicenter of Disney, and that got us thinking about the possibilities. First, it would seem to be a natural fit for Elsa and Anna to take over the Princess Storybook Dining at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in the Norway pavilion.
Rumors have persisted that Maelstrom, the boat ride also located in the Norway pavilion, will be replaced by a Frozen-themed attraction. If Disney could catch up with the demand for Frozen merchandise, we'd also love to see the "Frozen" packages at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique become permanent offerings. UPDATE on March 14: Walt Disney World announced today that Elsa and Anna will begin greeting guests on April 20 during the day at Princess Fairytale Hall in the Magic Kingdom. Disney's "Frozen"? certainly has been in the news this month with its two Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Song for "Let It Go."? Now, fans finally will be able to purchase the DVD, and there are more opportunities to enjoy Frozen-related attractions at Walt Disney World. Next week, on March 18 to be exact, "Frozen"? fans will get what they've been waiting for - the opportunity to purchase a copy of the DVD.
And at Walt Disney World, "Frozen" merchandise is being restocked and new merchandise added to the shelves.
Guests can find new T-shirts featuring Olaf the snowman and the sisters, books, Limited Edition iPhone cases and toys, such as Barbie-style dolls and various play sets, at World of Disney at Downtown Disney and in the theme parks, too.
If you find yourself at the Magic Kingdom, be sure to stay for the "Frozen" segment in Celebrate the Magic, which is the show projected on the facade of Cinderella Castle. Even though the warmer days of spring are here in Orlando, there seems to be no thaw in the excitement for all things related to "Frozen."? Thankfully, Walt Disney World has lots to chill, er, thrill its many fans.
Fans of Disney's latest animated hit film "Frozen" were excited to get confirmation this week of what they had hoped (and suspected): The movie is being adapted to a stage musical. Disney CEO and chairman Bob Iger said in a "Fortune" article that was published Monday that the company is in discussions to develop a Broadway show, though he warned there is no timetable.
That careful approach to creativity certainly seems to have paid off with the movie, itself, because it won the 2014 Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature on Sunday. Finally, in 2011, the project was turned over Director Chris Buck ("Tarzan," "Home on the Range") and he recast The Ice Queen as misunderstood princess Elsa, a sister to Anna and no longer an evil villain as in the original story. She certainly was not alone as families enjoyed the film enough to view it multiple times and invest in the merchandise.
Perhaps another sign that Disney executives had a stage production in mind from the get-go is that Robert Lopez, Menzel and Jonathan Groff (who voices Kristoff) all have extensive experience on Broadway.
Disney certainly has found success with taking some of its other beloved animated films to the live-action stage. Fans of Disney's latest animated hit know that if the film is a successful stage musical, it clearly won't be the first time in forever. Has Olaf, the wacky and lovable snowman, in "Frozen" melted your heart yet with his appearances in trailers for the upcoming film? The characters from Disney's "Frozen" already are being integrated into attractions at Walt Disney World. For now, guests in Orlando can find two cute photo opportunities with Olaf at Downtown Disney.

Here's a wonderful new Disney film release that, despite its title, won't leave any movie-goers out in the cold.
After all, how could Walt Disney Animation Studios lose with an animated film that encompasses themes of the struggle of good and evil, girl power, sisterhood, princesses, epic adventure, and a lovable and funny snowman? My 9-year-old daughter and I recently were invited to a preview screening of the upcoming movie, and we both were enchanted with the film. In this version, Elsa the Snow Queen (voiced by Idina Menzel) struggles from a young age to control her ability to inadvertently create icy spells. Along the way, Anna and the audience meet several likable characters, such as mountain man Kristoff (voiced by Jonathan Groff) and his reindeer Sven.
And then there is Olaf, the wacky snowman (voiced by Josh Gad) who steals many of the scenes. The journey to find Elsa takes many twists and turns -- no spoilers here -- giving boys enough adventure to keep them interested in a tale of a princess and a queen.
My daughter pointed out that "Frozen" is not the only animated Disney movie in recent years to rely on the theme of an undesired freeze creating a potential disaster for sisters. Story aside, viewing "Frozen" is enjoyable because directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee's use of 3D animation is well-integrated in the story, and the film has been shot in widescreen format.
Most notably, "Frozen" has a soundtrack with eight original songs from husband-and-wife songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, including the powerful "Let It Go" performed by Menzel and which also is covered by Demi Lovato. A word of advice: Be sure to arrive at your theater in plenty of time to see the short feature before "Frozen" called "Get A Horse!" It's a ride you won't want to miss.
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It’s a cosmetic competition as you and your friends race to make and accessorize your Bratz.
After the movie was released in November 2013, the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique offered holiday experiences based on the royal sisters.
They did not, however, include the special hairpieces that are part of the new experience at the Ice Palace Boutique. 18) and in celebration, a special experience is being offered inside 10 shopping malls throughout the United States, including three in Florida. In addition, they can create a Frozen handprint, take a photo with Olaf on his ice throne, measure themselves against the "Are you as tall as Sven and Olaf" feature, and see scenes from the Academy Award-winning movie. As we head into the holiday season, Frozen-themed toys are expected to be among the most sought-after by kids and already top most major holiday toy lists released by national retailers. And if trying to find a very specific type of folder or notebook isn't enough to send parents screaming, how about trying to find a backpack with a child's favorite Disney character when they are not plentiful? But I remember the thrill of carrying my new book bags and backpacks when I was a child, so I like being able to find what my children want to carry every day of the school year. If you act now -- and don't mind hitting up several stores -- there are some back-to-school items with the "Frozen" characters that can be found. The pink and purple backpack features Anna, Elsa and Olaf and "super lights." It seems to have the basics -- a main compartment, a front compartment, two outside mesh pockets (for water bottles) and padded straps. This backpack has features similar to the one sold at Target, but it does not have a separate front compartment or an image of Olaf. The toy store carries a backpack and lunchbox combination that is almost identical in design to the one sold at Kohl's. It can be paired with an offer for a free lunch kit, which also is a different version of the royal sisters. Unfortunately, even adding the FastPass+ option at Princess Fairytale Hall did not diminish the standby queue, which regularly stretches for three- to five-hour waits. Instead of being replaced by other princesses for the evening, Anna and Elsa will remain in their post for the duration of each day's operating hours. We have a few suggestions for "Frozen"-themed attractions we'd like to see at Walt Disney World. After all, that's where the movie takes place and the venue already is set up for this type of experience. When they were offered during the promotion of the movie, the "Frozen" packages included a choice of the Anna or Elsa wigs, shimmering makeup, face gems, nail polish, a Princess sash and a Princess cinch bag for $59.95 plus tax. The hottest items - Elsa and Anna costumes and accessories - have been sold out across property since the movie was released in November.
Some of the original merchandise options, such as hoodies, photo frames, pins and plush animals, don't appear to be as readily available.
The royal sisters made their parade debut Sunday at the Magic Kingdom in the new Festival of Fantasy Parade, which can be seen daily at 3 p.m. Be forewarned: Anna and Elsa are so popular that the queue regularly reaches four- and five-hour waits.
Development of "Frozen," which is an interpretation of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "The Ice Queen," began as early as 1943 with Walt Disney himself. Producer John Lasseter insisted on further development of the other main characters to make them resonate with audiences, as well.
After all, "The Lion King"? is Broadway's fourth-longest-running show and its highest-grossing one of all time as of December. The "Frozen" packages include a choice of the Anna or Elsa wigs, shimmering makeup, face gems, nail polish, a Princess sash and a Princess cinch bag for $59.95 plus tax. See artwork of the sisters, the queen, the royal horses and the breathtaking winter scenery before they came to life on the big screen. He is the star of the new "Winter Dreams" version of the World of Color show, and he is available for meet-and-greets in Fantasyland. Those who see the movie at AMC Downtown Disney 24 will notice a hula-loving Olaf in his tropical outfit in the lobby of the movie theater. In addition to the costumes mentioned above, there are plush versions of Sven and Olaf (in his winter and summer versions), toddler dolls of Anna and Elsa, Barbie-type dolls of Anna and Elsa, pocket-size miniature doll sets, play sets with figures, pens, photo frames, a pin set, a T-shirt and hoodie. Readers of this blog might recall that the last animated Disney film we saw, "Planes," left us with opposing viewpoints. Her sister, Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell), suffers with her own demons, trying to overcome the loneliness of being estranged from her sister and of her sheltered life as a princess. The pair agree to help Anna find her sister and break the spell, with direction from some magical trolls. Elsa created him before she knew the extent of her powers, and his light-hearted antics certainly will make viewers laugh.

In last year's "Secret of the Wings," the fourth installment in the Disney Fairies series, Tinker Bell and her sister Periwinkle flaunt the rules for fairies and put Pixie Hollow in jeopardy.
The film has garnered acclaim from a range of film critics for its excellent work in characterization, casting and screenplay, as well. Because the music is so well-done, some critics are even calling this movie a musical -- or at the very least a film that easily could be adapted to a Broadway production. All Disney artwork, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and trade names are proprietary to Disney Enterprises, Inc. Right now, when you buy one backpack of at least a $12.99 value, you’ll get a Free Lunch Box! Additionally, you can save even more with the $5 Off $20 on Barbie items and more with this coupon!
I’m your everyday average working mom, wife and friend that likes to share recipes, DIY tips, techy things and anything from crafts to home remodel. In fact, the Anna and Elsa dresses sold out so quickly on property that, for a time, booking one of those makeovers was the only way to purchase the costumes at Walt Disney World.
And dona€™t forget to check out our coverage of all the Frozen Summer Fun activities at Disneya€™s Hollywood Studios.
Disney Consumer Products just announced that it has sold more than 3 million Elsa and Anna role-play dresses at Disney Store and mass retailers in North America. It had to look like it was designed for an older child -- no Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, thank you very much -- AND it had to have wheels.
There was a shortage of consumer goods after the animated movie "Frozen" was released and audiences fell in love with the film. The official backpack and lunchbox -- the only ones with a pretty gray background -- already are sold out. All the Toys 'R' Us merchandise can be purchased online, shipped to a local store or bought in a store, if available. The theme there is based on the story that a freak snowstorm led to the development of Florida's first ski resort.
The Anna or Elsa costumes and crowns were added for an additional charge -- about $65 plus tax for the gowns and $18 plus tax for the crowns. In December, the only place to purchase one of the gowns was at one of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique locations with the "Frozen"? makeover package that was available through Jan.
This is the only location to interact with the sisters, so your best bet is to get there early and be ready to race other parents from the front gate.
However, it seemed that no one could find a way to make The Ice Queen relatable to audiences.
This approach clearly worked, because viewers of all ages have connected with the characters. The Anna or Elsa costumes and crowns can be added for an additional charge -- about $65 plus tax for the gowns and $18 plus tax for the crowns. A smaller, winter version of Olaf is positioned outside Santa's Chalet near World of Disney on the Marketplace side of Downtown Disney. The personal journeys of the two sisters intersect when Elsa's powers cause an eternal winter in Arendelle, and she flees with Anna in pursuit to save the kingdom. The snowman introduces himself by saying, "I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!" But what he really longs for is to experience a sunny day. Some of the kids in the theater actually cheered out loud at a couple of moments in the action.
Well I have learned how to use the money I save by couponing to pay for my yearly trips to Disney World. I’m a Brand Ambassador, recipe creator and love to share things both from the US and my home Country Germany. Kristin writes about Disney news from a parent's perspective, covering Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Channel, Disney Publishing and Disney Interactive and more. To anyone who celebrated Halloween with children, the popularity of the royal sisters was apparent. I searched high and low, and all my physical trips and Internet searches that year yielded slim pickings. However, the snow quickly melted, leaving behind a watery wonderland that is now the water park. Over the years, the project was revisited by group after group of talented Disney filmmakers, but with no success to green-light the project.
My own daughter admired Elsa more than her down-to-earth sister Anna, asking for an Elsa costume and doll for Christmas. Critics pointed out early on that the music of "Frozen" was created with a Broadway production in mind. And Disney took another Hans Christian Anderson story, "The Little Mermaid,"? and turned it into a stage production that garnered several Tony Awards and a Grammy.
The Frozen packages are available at both locations (World of Disney at Downtown Disney and Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom) through Jan.
There are examples, too, of how animators create movement, such as how Anna's traveling coat should flow with each lift of her arms.
Merchandise sold out as soon as it hit the shelves, parents stood in line for lotteries of the few restocked items, and the company even airlifted the goods from its factories in China to its distribution centers. One of the fairy-godmothers-in-training there told me that the dresses were so popular they barely had enough to meet the demand. The soundtrack features eight original songs from husband-and-wife songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, including the powerful "Let It Go" performed by Idina Menzel (who voices Elsa) and which also is covered by Demi Lovato.
Eventually it seemed as though the supply chain finally caught up with the marketing machine.
You can, however, order and pay for the backpack online and then pick it up at a store that has them in stock. We'd all love a character meet-and-greet, but to date, Olaf only has been available as a statue for photo opportunities.
Merchandise Communications Manager Steven Miller reports that the dresses are being restocked in the coming weeks in the stores and at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique locations. If that holds true, there is a perfect vignette that could be transformed as a "Frozen" backdrop at the front of the park.

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