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As practical, fascinating and enticing as they are, sliding barn doors can help close off your world when you need privacy in your homes.
Sliding interior barn doors can be used inside and outside the house and among the most common of them is what’s mostly known as closet door which has 2 or 3 panels, with one panel sliding on top of another.
There are many styles of sliding barns in the market, so depending on what you want, you can easily locate one that you want.
Regardless of your needs, there is always a sliding interior barn door which suits your requirements.
February 13, 2015 By Leslie 54 Comments When I mentioned to my friends we were replacing the doors in our master ensuite area with barn doors I got a lot of  blank stares. I guess when someone hears the term barn door they visualize either actual sliding doors on a barn large enough to accommodate tractors or farm animals or, if they are current on their design trends, they think of a rustic door in a farmhouse or loft apartment. After many months of living life as a closet slob, because of inadequate storage, and hearing the annoying clang of those doors each morning, I was determined to find a solution. Ideally, the closets should have been built with pocket doors, but to retro fit a pocket door is quite an undertaking.
And if I were to move to a rustic farm house, or beach house or lake house for that matter, I’d be all over a true to form barn door or even one made from reclaimed wood. We knew our barn door would not only bring the function we desired, but bring an attractive, contemporary flair to the room. Click here for the complete building plan and tutorial for the doors. As often is the case, our excitement over what we had built prompted us to haul it upstairs just to see what it would look like in place. After our doors and hardware hung, the next thing to consider was how to deal with the remaining door stop, holes for the door strike and the hinges.

One option that would have worked was to cover the offending side of the door jamb with a piece of wooden lattice.
When we initially ordered the door hardware we didn’t even realize it came with a finger pull. Images name: Modern Sliding Barn Door Design - to see this image in full size, just right click on the pictures above and than select "Open link in new tab" in your browser. Often replicated but never duplicated Bartels is proud to offer the original Modern Barn Door Hardware. MODERN BARN DOOR HARDWARE Often replicated but never duplicated Bartels is proud to offer the original Modern Barn Door Hardware. Sliding-glass entrances are also quite common and offer excellent views of your backyard from the house. The sliding doors are also more forceful and viable than swinging and other forms of conventional doors. It’s of utmost importance that you choose a door that suits your requirements and which can guarantee you your privacy. These people have seen our bedroom and I’m sure they were wondering how barn doors fit in with our decor.
Not only did they create a lot of noise, the gap in the middle of the doors when closed, never felt very private.
Modern Sliding Barn Door Design and all other images, photos or designs in this site are copyright of their respective owners. The practicality that is associated with exterior and interior sliding barn doors is amazing because they don’t need the traditional space which you mostly see on drafted floor plans.

Especially where there are young children, you can manage to confine them within the home, unlike in a scenario where swinging doors are in use.
But we also realized that the style of our home is more traditional and a rustic barn door is just not in step with the architecture of the home, nor in keeping with the style of our bedroom. We considered the whole DIY approach to sliding door hardware, but I was adamant that the mechanism be completely quiet. But we decided to rip all of the casing out and create the look of a cased opening, completely removing the evidence of an old door jamb.
In some places we used pieces that were an inch thick other places we needed thinner pieces like scraps of bead board. Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Flat Track Barn Door Rails In Hanging Door Track With White Wooden Sliding Door Of Kid Bedroom In Modern Style Of Interior Design IdeasJoin the discussion on this Flat Track Barn Door Rails In Hanging Door Track With White Wooden Sliding Door Of Kid Bedroom In Modern Style Of Interior Design Ideas using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License. If you would like an image or content removed, please contact our webmaster, No hard feelings. This can be attributed to the huge weight which they carry; therefore finding hinges that can support them is a hectic task. Nonetheless, there are various sizes of interior sliding barn doors which you can choose from. However, it’s of essence that you work with a reputable installation expert as this will help reduce the occurrence of errors in the installation process.

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