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It was pretty easy to paint, considering the new door already had the plastic covering the window panes. On the inside, we left the extra instead of making it flush with the wall, because we have a chair rail that goes around the room and we didn't want the door to slide against it.
I can’t tell you how good it feels to get finished with a project that you’ve put your heart and soul into for months! The rollers and track were fairly easy to install and I made sure to secure the red mahogany-stained pine brace to the wall studs perfectly so that it could support the weight of the barn door and track. This project makes a huge impact on our space, creating incredibly beautiful and functional Art! I do have a question for you, but first let me say that I am self-employed and make beautiful things for the interior design field. The first door I hastily put together was not finished, but I took it over to the furniture store, and left it with them so as to get some feedback. So cool that you are a creator of beautiful things for the interior design field, my major in college, btw… I could see how your creative process could quickly turn into life-numbing work after doing the same thing over and over.
The steel being used in your door should definitely keep the wood in check, brilliant solution + who doesn’t love the aesthetic achieved from mixing wood with steel?!
The Aura etched glass barn sliding door is part of the frameless glass series of doors which features sliding doors, pocket doors, swing doors and fixed panels. At Modernus, we strive to push the envelope of modern design and bring style options to our customers they may have never considered.
This purple sliding glass door is just one of the color options of available glass sliding doors.
Considering the design style of small items, like door knobs or light switch plates, can really make a space shine.  One item that I have always wanted to reimagine are doors.

There’s the rustic element but I really love the fluid motion and style these barn doors provide.
We've invited a few of our friends to share their personal design thoughts and experiences. I’ve always wanted an interior sliding barn door, but I never had the perfect and functional spot for one until we moved.
The other materials were hard to come by, making this project take much longer than it should have, but worth the wait. I am extremely proud of my thriftiness on this project¬†since barn doors and hardware online can easily reach into the thousands! The most time-consuming part of this project was taking the pallets apart, but two hammers and some elbow grease are all that’s needed. Barn doors can get extremely expensive, but if you’re thrifty and take your time finding the hardware, it becomes an extremely affordable project! Might I suggest doing small side projects for yourself, friends, or to sell on Etsy so that your passion stays alive? In the case of your barn door, as long as you biscuit join each piece to the next & add a couple full length supports on the back, warp should be near non-existent. Our new line of frameless glass sliding doors is part of our frameless glass series of doors which feature both swing doors, sliding doors, barn sliding doors and fixed panel systems.
You just need to do maintenance on a regular basis on the roller door and do cleanup on the door.
I found some old Cannon Ball Starline rollers on eBay for ridiculously cheap and scoured my town for a track to house the rollers, eventually finding just what I needed at PRO Build. I also had to buy a piece of 1 x 6 pine to attach the track brackets to and of course bolts to screw the pine into the wall’s studs.

I joined biscuits and used wood glue throughout and also randomly nailed to give it a well-loved look. The door looked a little lonely, so I found an antique four pane window on eBay and printed a picturesque mountain plains view to place inside, giving an expansive feeling when in reality it’s just a wall behind the window… so nice to have a mountain view here in Florida! Sliding door display will give you a perfect view of the terrace have elegant and with the ease in using it. In addition, it also serves to add a curtain of security privacy while you are inside the House. So, you’ll find a terrace door stays new as when you buy your new and ease when using the terrace. I wanted the wood of the barn door to look authentically aged so I oxidized it, well, my oxidizing specialist aka my adorable 5 year-old little guy, oxidized it & he did an amazing job! Maybe you could make a decorative wood frame or simply keep it frameless & paint the whole doorway frame the same color as the wall?
There is room for framework, but mine does not have it since I wanted to keep it as light as possible in case my little monkeys, er kids, decided to hang from it, lol! In contrast to the terrace with folding style, they needed a larger space, because of the way they work with folding doors to open or close the door.
When all was said and done the materials were about $96 and the finished project is worth every penny!
In my next house (if we get it!) I have a few doors that no matter which way they open, they block or hit something.

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