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Prior to the advent of the steam engine, timber frame structures were built utilizing local trees, both hard wood and softwood species, that were felled and hand shaped to unique specifications using a laborious broad adze hewn method that required a tremendous amount of craftsmanship, hard-work, and strength. Arc Wood & Timbers works with an intricate team of deconstruction subcontractors and barn busters to procure and refurbish the highest quality of hewn beams available throughout our historic rural landscape.
Customer Quotes“We value Arc Wood & Timbers for their vast knowledge of wood and its inherent characteristics, and for their overall resourcefulness. Arc Wood & TimbersWe offer a wide variety of woods from reclaimed vintage structures, salvaged logs, and sustainably harvested trees. Whether for architectural, structural or aesthetic purposes, they offer an unmatched look to any historic or sustainable restorations. Hewn barn beams are beams that have been cut with an ax and date to the 1800’s or earlier.
We carry old growth Hardwood which have been discarded in Lake Michigan and locally salvaged, dried and milled for a unique old growth wood experience.

This charming Crown Point kitchen is just one room resulting from over 5 years of careful renovations to an old farmhouse in Southern New Hampshire.
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Hand hewn timbers are typically cut or shaped with hard blows of a heavy cutting instrument like an ax or chisel. They are most often hewn on the top and bottom and have natural edges on the sides.  One advantage to using a sleeper vs. Also, we get 100 year old barnwood and Beams from old barns that have fallen down or that are in desperate shape. As you browse through our website, you will find that user-friendliness is one trait on which we pride ourselves. Kindly include your project specifications and product description in the message for faster service.

Hand hewn beams will normally have mortise pockets in them, as they were most often part of the upper framing of a mortise and tenon structure. However, there is only one per building so they are the most expensive and least available beam.
In addition to the size, what makes them very desirable is that they have very few, if any, mortise pockets.

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